Sri Guru Shakti Durga is a householder, mother and wife, spiritual entrepreneur, author, musician and teacher. She is an inspiration to many people.

She teaches a range of seminars and spiritual tools to ignite the spirit of every person. Whether receiving her blessing or studying with her, people just seem to get happier. Something fabulous happens to the spirit; vitality and zest for life are enhanced along with a sense of empowerment and freedom that is truly invigorating.

Her straight forward, progressive philosophies are derived from both Eastern and Western sources of spiritual instruction. She helps us to understand the world in which we live and the things that happen to us, leading to inner peace and a feeling of being ok with life. (Download short biog: PDF)


Early History

Shakti Durga was born Kim Louise Fraser in 1961. She completed a bachelor of economics and bachelors of laws at Sydney University and practiced law from 1985 to 2002, 16 years of which she had a stimulating and satisfying career as a barrister.

For the last 10 years of her busy legal practice she specialised in workplace issues, particularly stress claims made by litigants against their employers. This career gave insights into the nature of anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress disorder and other psychological conditions the development of which was the subject of litigation amongst school teachers, nurses, firemen and other industry groups.

Married in 1987, her first child Rachel was born in 1990 and her first marriage ended in 1992. It was a devastating personal turning point. It was also the beginning of a deep search for meaning, self-transformation and the first stirrings of a rich spiritual life. Her growing passion for meditation, explorations in higher consciousness and healing, all began at that time, gaining momentum in the intervening 20 years.

From 1992-1997 she completed then taught heart based personal training seminars Free to be Me under the guidance of its founders, Barbara and Terry Tebo. She learned & practiced meditation from 1992 and taught it from 1997.

Kim studied astrology at Nature Care College Sydney from 1994-96. In the same period she trained in crystal & shamanic therapies with Raym, an Australian spiritual master. She had an epiphany in 1995, a direct experience of Samadhi/spiritual ecstasy which left her in no doubt as to the existence and presence of the Divine in Her life.

In 1996 she remarried and had a son William before divorcing again in 2000. While she had experienced the Divine directly and learned many helpful spiritual tools by this time to help cope with life, they had not yet become fully realized within her being. The depth and transformative commitment still needing to be gone through to bring a person to spiritual empowerment, love in action as well as maintaining inner and outer peace was a rude but tremendously useful realization. It caused her to go ever deeper within, searching for meaning and answers to very big questions.

In 1997 Kim learned Reiki and continued her interest in shamanic healing, astrology and teaching meditation.

From 1998 to 2003 Kim studied with her first Guru, Master Choa Kok Sui, founder of modern Pranic Healing, a world wide spiritual training and healing organisation. She became a licensed Pranic Healing practitioner and teacher and taught it until 2003. She practiced energetic healing from 1997 to date. The tremendously empowering and transforming nature of the Guru-disciple relationship was partially revealed during this time.

In 2001 she formed a relationship with Hugh Keller, her life partner and the spiritual ‘father’ of Shanti Mission. Together they completed grades 1 through 4 of Arhatic Yoga, Master Choa’s advanced energetic and spiritual training regime. They also completed a one year advanced training with ascended Master channel and teacher Qala Serenia Phoenix, learning spiritual activation techniques that expanded one’s consciousness.

In 2003 she travelled to India and over the next few years spent time in the ashram of Sai Baba and was inspired by his philanthropic work. Together with her life partner, solicitor and business man Hugh, she resolved to found a Western equivalent of Sai Baba’s public educational and health work based on spiritual practices and principles.  The same year she commenced travels to Bali where she studied with Maha Guru Sri Jaya Nara and His senior disciple, Sri Jaya Shakti, studies which continued for around 7 years.

She along with Hugh received Guru Diksha from Maha Guru Sri Jaya Nara shortly after meeting him in 2003. Guru Diksha is a blessing for the realization of the Divine within to activate and transform the individual. It was from him that she gained further insight into the power of devotion, the sublime and unmatched purity and blazing intensity of the relationship between Guru and Disciple and understood how through this relationship one could attain unity consciousness and mental freedom from the unseen contractionary forces of the astral field which limit mankind’s habits, choices and bind us to outmoded traditional behaviours.

In 2004 she established the Harmony Centre Foundation, later to become Shanti Mission Harmony Centres. This was and is a school for the soul, a haven for the human spirit, and since this beginning SMHC now operates in locations across Australia and has started spreading the teachings to USA and Canada.

She published her first book, Ignite Your Spirit and developed the Path of Ease and Grace seminar series, which was refined into 9 weekend workshops. The rare faculty of advanced analytical as well as intuitive skills has given rise to a unique, practical and effective series of spiritual teachings suitable for empowering modern western people to live in peace, heal their relationships and find their highest destiny in life.

In 2004 she was a PhD candidate at Newcastle University Faculty of Education (Thesis supervisor Prof. R Laura) on use of energetic healing modalities as tools in dispute resolution and education (withdrew after 2 years because of time constraints building Shanti Mission and attending to her family).

In 2004 she created Archangelic Meditation and other chant and meditation CD’s with award winning composer Geoffrey Russell. (Geoffrey was winner of ABC awards for composition as well as international film composing award the Brian May Scholarship in 2005).

She established a free community healing clinic through which hundreds of people in impecunious circumstances received free healing, and in the same period created a robust training program for aspiring Ignite Your Spirit therapists.

2005 and 2006 were spent writing more books and continually refining and raising the bar on the professionalism of IYS therapy and our spiritual teaching service, as well as producing more meditation tools. The Path of Ease and Grace seminars and all spiritual vocational training continued to be offered purely by donation in accordance with her spiritual guidance.

From 2000 to 2008 she published numerous articles in various magazines about energy healing and was a regular public speaker on topics to do with energetic healing on various radio and occasional TV stations. She was a speaker at various healing symposiums including Sydney and Melbourne Mind Body Spirit festivals, Living Now festivals, and London Mind Body Spirit festival in May 2006. She taught seminars in UK and her first two books were published in UK by Findhorn Press. Ignite Your Spirit was translated and published in Germany.

The Advent of Shakti Durga

On 28 October 2006 Shakti Durga experienced an epiphany while entering a class to teach, in which she realized her name and vocation to be a Guru, something she had not previously considered. This life changing experience gave rise to an entirely new strand of teachings based on Vedanta, devotion, Kabala and esoteric Buddhism but mainly delivered orally through Divine transmission. This event also enlivened her original (and hitherto rejected) Catholic faith and brought her into mystical realisation where all paths merge into unity.

In 2007 Shanti Mission Harmony Centres (SMHC) was incorporated as a charity, and has since operated as a series of centres of excellence in multi-faith healing and spirituality. With a highly respected governing board including a lawyer, chartered accountant, academic and management consultant, SMHC has shown consistent growth both in total turnover and in services provided since its inception. Centres are now operating in most states of Australia, with hundreds of people in spiritual training and a raft of social and philanthropic projects have been planned which are currently in their infancy.

2007-2009 years were spent largely trying to work out what the Divine meant by asking a middle aged Western woman to be a Guru. It was exceedingly easy and clear while in the temple running satsang, receiving Divine transmissions and giving individual and group healings, however it was complex working out the practicalities of this role in a modern Western context where she and her senior disciples and peers are well educated practical grounded individuals with families, mortgages and school fees.

From 2005 to date Shakti Durga has run regular retreats and spiritual intensives in various locations in Australia, India, USA, UK, Bali and New Zealand. She has learned how to commune with the Earth and sacred sites and derive insights that are helpful to those present, as well as activating these sites to be ‘tirthas’ or places of strong spiritual energy. This potent work can be perceived by virtually anyone of moderate intuitive capacity.

In 2008 a pilot scientific study was conducted into the efficacy of Ignite Your Spirit therapy (IYS) as a treatment for people with depression. In that study one weekly group session and 2 healings were given to each of the 28 participants over an 8 week period (21 completed the study). She was assisted by clinical psychologist Dr. Renay Greig. This study was hampered by lack of finance and access to gold standard research and statistical techniques, yet it showed that IYS was safe even in very depressed people, and the results were very encouraging of further research.

In 2011 Shakti Durga was a co-founder and spiritual director of Bodhi Festival, which is a movement of sacred music, consciousness and yoga. The aim of Bodhi Festival, a bi-annual event, is to bring together mystics, Gurus, rishis, sages, rabbis and great souls whose spiritual practices transform individuals to live a higher vibration of life. It is not about theology but living spirit at a very high voltage. An international forum for sharing methods to enable communion with the Source, transmission of active spiritual energy (shakti or kundalini) and the consequential changes that this brings to practical issues and problems being explored and supported.

It drew 76 sacred musical groups, numerous inspirational speakers and yogis as well as approximately 6,000 participants, all of whom experienced Divine bliss in an environment of impeccable management and production values, spiritual energy and the teamwork of over 400 volunteers from SMHC who made the event possible. It is giving rise to further events moving forward, creating a space for going beyond our mastery into the unknown, through being present to the creative zone that real mysticism enables. The hope is that Bodhi Festival will pave creative opportunities for a new world order of harmony, respect and wellbeing between people of diverse traditions and current mindsets. The festival was offered to the public by donation.

Shakti Durga has 11 senior disciples, most of whom are now Gurus in their own right with their own disciples, experiencing the blazing intensity and spiritual empowerment of the love that exists in the Chela relationship (guru/disciple). Together they are creating a growing spiritual family of light where each soul is honoured, nurtured and valued. We have hundreds of devotees and committed disciples from all religious backgrounds including Christian, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist, Hari Krishna, Hindu, Baha’i, Pagan, people from indigenous faiths as well as atheists.

The essence of Shakti Durga’s mission is to be an embodiment of Divine Mother love, a bringer of hope and salvation that in grounded practical terms leads to bliss, joy, happiness, and the empowerment of those who follow her to be peacemakers in their homes, families, communities, workplaces and wherever they go.

While the system of Guru/disciple is ancient, we have modernized it with:
•    Peer review
•    Codes of conduct and ethics
•    8 spiritual pillars by which we work
•    A modern creed
•    Devolution of spiritual authority to senior disciples who shine with the inner light
•    Realization that growth is endless and that every being alive has ‘growing edges’ together with a commitment to continual refinement and growth, (including Gurus and Maha Gurus)

Shakti Durga has appointed lineage holders, Gayatri Kamadhenu, Jagatambe Narayani, Savitur Dhanvantre, and Maitreya all of whom are devoted, humble and spiritually refined, who have accurate perception and skilful expression of inner plane realities, common sense, practicality and empowerment as well as having bright and enquiring minds. They like all of our disciples are taught to question and give feedback, state their opinions, analyse teachings and not accept them on face value unless they feel right in their heart and soul. They must also subject spiritual teachings to analytical rigor.

In 2013, Shakti Durga visited the ashram of Sri Sakthi Amma in Peedam, India. On the occassion of her third visist in October 2013, she realised Amma to be her Guru, the embodiment of Divine Mother, the same essence that she had previously recognised as Parameshwari.

Spiritual Work

•    She practiced energetic healing from 1997 to date, developing IYS in around 2004-2005 which she continues to teach and apply
•    Divine transmission (Gnana Yoga) of spiritual principles and techniques for problem solving, evolution of consciousness, love in action and in answer to the questions arising in the souls of those in attendance
•    Application of spiritual principles to the development of inspirational programs for people who wish to work in service teams, for the relief of personality or relationship issues, cultivation of teamwork and higher consciousness at work
•    Development of initiation system to spiritually empower those seeking to find their highest destiny in service to mankind, who are exhibiting the necessary moral strength and virtue to withstand the down-pouring of spiritual energy safely
•    Cultivation of senior disciples to be Guru in their own right, filled with spiritual energy and light, capable of leading others with humility and compassion
•    Establishment of vision groups whose purpose is to dissolve existing limitations in the fields of human consciousness which hold us back from finding answers to the issues that are facing our species and society. Formulation of a new empowered vision for the future and dissemination of this work through suitably trained meditators and spiritual practitioners.

Charitable work

•    Shakti Durga founded Shanti Mission Harmony Centres, now operating in 5 states of Australia and commenced in 3 states of USA
•    All of Shakti Durga’s seminars are run by donation
•    Project Hope launched in 2010 provides free IYS healing to those suffering from depression with outstanding results
•    Bodhi Festival in 2011 was offered to the world by donation
•    2012 cancer treatment clinic commenced in September whereby those suffering from cancer receive free group healing
•    Many retreats and satsangs are run by donation so that everyone can attend.


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