Oh My GODDESS, Shakti Durga, Vedic mantra & world music

Guru Purnima & ‘Oh My GODDESS’ Album Launch

Namaste, Shakti Durga’s favorite topic is the Goddess, and singing to and about her is her favorite pastime. So it...[read more]

Carcassonne, Shakti Durga Retreats

Letter from Occitania, Southern France

Namaste, We are staying in a small medieval French village called Alet Les Bain which is famous for a few...[read more]

Wells, 2017, Shakti Durga, UK

Letter from Wells

The following day we went to Wells, a town 7 miles from Glastonbury. It got its name from the amazing...[read more]

Glastonbury, Shakti Durga

A Day in Glastonbury

Namaste, Blessings from the heart of the western mysteries, a wonderful sacred portal of the Divine feminine here in Glastonbury....[read more]

Merging with the Divine through Love

Namaste! I am here in Glastonbury, having had a good trip to London via Abu Dhabi. It was great to...[read more]

Intuition, Shakti Durga

The Practical Life Skill called Intuition

The other day I went to Coles (an Australian supermarket) and bought a few things. I generally prefer to line...[read more]

Southern Highlands

Development Approvals

Namaste, We have exciting news! Our development application submitted in August last year to build a guest house and new...[read more]

shakti durga, strength of the soul, power to lift situations and people

Power to Lift Situations and People

Shakti Durga's Strength of the Soul Cards Power to Lift Situations and People: Having gotten our lives to a place...[read more]

shakti durga, strength of the soul cards, power to detach

Power to Detach

Shakti Durga's Strength of the Soul Cards Power to Detach: When good things happen or when we are inspired with...[read more]

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