Letter 2 from Colorado

Our retreat got off to a bang with the Devi arriving as soon as we invoked, with no time for...[read more]

Shanti Mission, Initiates Retreat

Letter from Colorado

February 2017 Namaste, I am writing to you sitting in front of a fire in Evergreen, Colorado. This is an...[read more]

Shanti Mission, Colorado Retreat 2017

Mountain Retreat Colorado – Waking Up More Love

Yesterday Lakshmi Ananda, Chamundai and I went to visit the resort in Beaver Creek where we will be running our...[read more]

Shanti Mission UK

Letter from London

Namaste everyone, Greetings from a cold and wonderful London. I have been here having a great time with Gayatri; it's so...[read more]


Feeding the Light

Namaste everyone, As we look forward to the festive season and settling in with relatives and friends, I humbly ask...[read more]

Sri Sakthi AMMA offering food to the murti of Vishnu

Srinivasa Temple Consecration

Namaste and Greetings From Sri Sakthi AMMA’s Peedam, Tamil Nadu India. It is an exciting time here, with the preparations...[read more]

Shanti Mission, Archangelic Temple

Angelic Temple Opening, Cooranbong New Year’s Day

Noon Satsang, then 3pm Temple Opening - All Welcome Namaste, Here at the Abode of Peace, we are about to...[read more]

US Election

Namaste! Like many people, you may have been surprised about the election result in the USA.  While President Elect Trump’s...[read more]

Mission Day 2016, Abode of Peace, Shakti Durga

Time to Love

Namaste everyone, What a wonderful Mission Day we had here in Cooranbong last Friday. The ashram was decorated beautifully, there...[read more]

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