Oh My GODDESS, Shakti Durga, Vedic mantra & world music

Guru Purnima & ‘Oh My GODDESS’ Album Launch

Namaste, Shakti Durga’s favorite topic is the Goddess, and singing to and about her is her favorite pastime. So it...[read more]

Carcassonne, Shakti Durga Retreats

Letter from Occitania, Southern France

Namaste, We are staying in a small medieval French village called Alet Les Bain which is famous for a few...[read more]

Wells, 2017, Shakti Durga, UK

Letter from Wells

The following day we went to Wells, a town 7 miles from Glastonbury. It got its name from the amazing...[read more]

Glastonbury, Shakti Durga

A Day in Glastonbury

Namaste, Blessings from the heart of the western mysteries, a wonderful sacred portal of the Divine feminine here in Glastonbury....[read more]

Merging with the Divine through Love

Namaste! I am here in Glastonbury, having had a good trip to London via Abu Dhabi. It was great to...[read more]

Southern Highlands

Development Approvals

Namaste, We have exciting news! Our development application submitted in August last year to build a guest house and new...[read more]

Letter 2 from Colorado

Our retreat got off to a bang with the Devi arriving as soon as we invoked, with no time for...[read more]

Shanti Mission, Initiates Retreat

Letter from Colorado

February 2017 Namaste, I am writing to you sitting in front of a fire in Evergreen, Colorado. This is an...[read more]

Shanti Mission, Colorado Retreat 2017

Mountain Retreat Colorado – Waking Up More Love

Yesterday Lakshmi Ananda, Chamundai and I went to visit the resort in Beaver Creek where we will be running our...[read more]

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