Shakti Durga, The Truth Prescription

Lawyer to Lightworker, The Truth Prescription

Dr Seku Gathers from The Truth Prescription speaks with Shakti Durga for his podcast broadcast from New York City. Check...[read more]

Shakti Durga, Diwali Lakshmi Blessing

Lakshmi Diwali Blessings, IYTA Yoga Conference

Shakti Durga was recently a guest of the International Yoga Teachers Association conference at Sydney Town Hall. She was invited...[read more]

Rocky Mountains Retreat, Shakti Durga

Calling All Lightworkers

A Special Appeal from Shakti Durga  You will be aware that a paradigm of fear has been pervading the USA...[read more]

Intuition, Shakti Durga

The Practical Life Skill called Intuition

The other day I went to Coles (an Australian supermarket) and bought a few things. I generally prefer to line...[read more]

Thy Kingdom Come

Namaste, well it has been a surprising week not exactly according to plan. My beautiful son came home from USA...[read more]

Shakti Durga, Time for Love

2017 News: We are Taking More Time for Love

New year always feels like a new start, even more so this year, because in numerology we are entering a...[read more]

Shakti Durga, relationship freedom

It Doesn’t Have to Work, to Have Worked

I was speaking with a person the other day who has done a heap of work on a relationship with...[read more]

Signs of Change

Signs of Change

Namaste, I have been looking back through some things I wrote in the early 2000’s. This was before becoming Shakti...[read more]

The Yin and Yang of Serving

Many times we have very clear agendas of what we want to get done. We may be in a serving...[read more]

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