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Abundant 2018, Shanghai, China

In this auspicious holiday season, do you wish 2018 be the best year ever, a year of good health, fulfilling relationships, financial and material wealth, overflowing love and joy?

Come and join Shanti Mission’s three day workshop in China! World-renowned Spiritual Teachers and Master Healers Shakti Durga and Savitur Dhanvantre are offering a three day “Abundant 2018”  workshop in Shanghai.This powerful and transformative workshop will help participants let go of negative energies and limiting beliefs, get their energy body and their mind charged up with abundance in three important areas of our lives: Health, Relationships and Wealth. There will be deep healing, as well as lots of fun and laughter.

The workshop will be taught in both English and Chinese.

For bookings, please contact: Siddhi Devi
WeChat ID: shelleymo999


30 Dec. 2017 - 1 Jan. 2018

09:00 am - 17:00 pm



abundance healthy relationships master healer savitur dhanvatre Shakti Durga shanghai wealth creation

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