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Fasting Friday

This will be a day of inner and outer purification, with the aim to learn about and practice the ancient spiritual practice of fasting. It is good for our bodies, and it is good for our spiritual practice as well.

There will be a moving feast of purification – ritual cleaning of the temple, abhishekam, meditation and learning a little more about fasting, with Divine guidance and blessings as well.

Some days we will include fun activities like co-creating new clothes or jewellery for the Devis (Murtis). We will let you know when to bring your sewing gear, sequins and glittery fabulous materials to turn into bling for the Goddess. We will be posting update on the Abode of Peace Facebook page. Please like this page if you haven’t already.

For those who are super keen, you can start your Fasting Friday with a Durga fire puja, starting at 8.30am where we chant 1008 mantras.

Enjoy an experience of bonding, friendship, fun, joy, all-in-together, good for your body, purification and chanting, did I say fun?, creativity, spontaneous happiness, even dancing!, cleaning the altars, washing and dressing the Devis. This joyous practice is about maintaining ourselves and our temple, both internal and external.

Fasting Options:

Skip dinner Thursday night, fast all day, just liquids on Friday then have dinner on Friday night as per usual.
Skip dinner Thursday night and fast till Saturday morning at breakfast.
Bring liquids of your choice during the day, with lots of water. Think of adding a little lemon, or apple cider vinegar for even better cleansing. Vegetable juices and a little fruit juice, and non-dairy teas are also options.

All welcome.

Fasting Friday dates:

May 19 – Introduction to fasting and how to get the most from it all

Jun 2 – TBA

Jun 16 – TBA

30 Jun -TBA

21 Jul – TBA

4 Aug – TBA

18 Aug – TBA

1 Sept – TBA

Bookings through the Shanti Mission website. Click on the link to book. 


4 Aug. 2017

10:00 am - 16:00 pm


+61 2 4977 3300


Fasting Friday

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