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Foot Washing Satsang Cooranbong

Give your energy a lift for the week. A transformational experience of meditation, mantra, music, and discourse. Relax, let go of stress and negative energy, expand your consciousness and raise your vibration. Beyond words – it’s an experience for your heart.

What you may experience during Satsang:
Deep, relaxing and healing meditation
Raising your vibration, feeling lighter and brighter
Inspiring, uplifting high vibrational music, chanting, and kirtan
Down pouring of spiritual energy
A fun and welcoming community of like-minded people from all backgrounds, beliefs and faiths

Satsang is a sanskrit word, meaning company of truth seekers. Shakti Durga explains in her video: Satsang

Chanting is a great way to raise your vibration, so at times throughout the meditation we use the power of sacred sound and nada shakti to ‘lift and shift’ blockages in our conscious and unconscious landscape. Feel liberated from old patterns of behaviour and begin to fine tune your connection to your own soul. Allow yourself to let go of what doesn’t serve you, release your fears and start living the life you were born to live.

Please arrive and be settled at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.

Foot Washing

Foot washing has been one of the enduring spiritual practices over the centuries.  During this special annual event community members’ feet are washed by senior teachers.  This is an act of service to the community and an act of humility which they take great joy in providing.  We invite you to come and experience the bliss and love that comes from this form of spiritual blessing.

To assist with the smooth running of the program, please bring a towel to dry your feet.



17 Dec. 2017

09:30 am - 11:00 am


+61 2 4977 3300


Foot Washing Satsang footwashing satsang Shakti Durga

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