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Group Healing with Shakti Durga, Abode of Peace

Healings with Shakti Durga focus upon the evolution of our consciousness, the activation of our energy field and resolution of practical life issues. These sessions are an amazing opportunity to receive potent and transformational healing from a master healer.

Group healings with Shakti Durga focus upon the evolution of our consciousness, the activation of our energy field and solving practical life issues. Group healings with Shakti Durga are very potent.  Invariably a group of participants come together who all have a similar theme going on in their lives, and a great deal is learned from each other as well as from Guru.

This group healing process is called Laya Yoga. It is similar to Ignite Your Spirit therapy, conducted in groups of around 12 people. Each person will receive feedback and blessing which will activate their kundalini shakti (spiritual energy) and often these sessions are completely life changing.

Laya Yoga is Kundalini yoga. It involves the dissolution and melting of the frozen energy that is invisibly held within us and which reflects outwardly as the life we have. It is the liquefaction of this Holy essence within the being of the devotee by the intervention of the Guru, so that all that is not for our highest destiny starts to ebb away. This allows for higher states, and simply a better life, to appear in miraculous and amazing ways. This is the highest form of yoga, the zenith of our quest for inner peace and Divine self-realization. In short, Laya Yoga is totally transformational.

By Heartfelt Contribution
Group Healings, Laya Yoga sessions are run by heartfelt contribution and it is recommended that you donate at least $100 and up to $250 for the session, unless you are experiencing serious financial hardship. Even then, if you practice generosity, it is more likely that your serious financial hardship will turn around.

Contact the Abode of Peace for bookings.


5 May. 2017

18:00 pm - 19:30 pm


+61 2 4977 3300


Group Healing with Shakti Durga

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