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I AM That I AM, Melbourne

When Moses saw the Burning Bush He asked the Divine “what do I call you?” and the Divine replied: Ehyeh asher ehyeh which literally translates as “I am that I am”.

“I am” is the Stateless State of the Absolute, or the Supreme Reality, Parabrahman. It is pure awareness; prior to thoughts, free from perceptions, associations and memories.

This is a journey of inner discovery, an intensive of soul union and spiritual activation, propelling us into the Holy truth that the Kingdom of the Divine is within us. We will be studying amongst other things the mantra:

Aham Brahmasmi

Infinite by nature the supreme self Brahman is ever expanding and is the ultimate reality.  Aham means self or I. Asmi denotes the identity of I (self) Aham: I am Brahman.


Please note: seminar conclusion times are an approximate guideline. Our teachers facilitate the transmission of Divine energy for spiritual and energetic transformation. If students are energetically ‘full’ the teacher may decide it’s best to conclude the program ahead of the advertised finish time.


19 Aug. 2017 - 20 Aug. 2017

10:00 am - 17:00 pm


Grace Revolution

1/462 Smith Street



Devi Divine program I AM Shakti Durga

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