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Waking Up More Love, Colorado USA

Come and share in a life-changing, planet affecting series of spiritual activations and initiations that are both personal and transpersonal with Master Healer & Spiritual Teacher, Shakti Durga.

This Navaratri we will travel to the mountains of Colorado to awaken the Divine Mother Parvati within the Earth and activate energies that affect the entire planet, and the planet’s place in the galaxy and greater Universe.

We will activate our light bodies and our hearts, exploring the effect of unity and strength of deliberate loving intent to raise consciousness and bring a new reality into physical manifest Earthly form.

There will be initiations, activations, live music, sacred ceremony and fun!

This is a retreat for initiates; initiations available at the retreat.

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24 Sep. 2017 - 1 Oct. 2017

16:00 pm - 10:00 am


+1 970-949-6660


Durga Goddess Initiates Retreat Navaratri Parvati Rocky Mountains retreat Shakti Durga Waking Up More Love World-service

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