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Over the past few years, Shakti Durga has begun offering classes online for our expanding world-wide community.  Below you will find  recorded sessions on the topics of Empowering Relationships, Spiritual Mentoring and Spiritual Mastery.

Many courses and Satsangs with Shakti Durga and/or her Senior Disciples are also now being broadcast live online. These must be attended at the time of the event.  We recommend that you use headphones for better sound.  For assistance email  Sessions are offered by heartfelt donation, details of which may be found at the bottom of this page.

Satsang with Shakti Durga and her Senior Disciples

Join us in person at our Cooranbong Ashram or live online on Sunday mornings for Satsang with Shakti Durga or her senior Disciples, for meditation, music and blessings!  Just follow this link:

Sundays 9.30am Sydney time (Saturdays 5.30pm in New York)

Online Meditations with Council of Light
Weekly Meditation with Gayatri Kamadhenu

UK: Thursday 8pm,  NY: Thursday 3pm,  Sydney: Friday 5am

Weekly Meditations with Ananda Netti
Advanced Peace Angel Meditation:  Mondays 8.15-9.15pm (Sydney) – please email

Path of Ease and Grace Seminars

Keep an eye out here for upcoming seminars.

Recent reviews about Shakti Durga’s classes

“The mentoring with Shakti Durga was insightful and practical – it gave me deep insights, clarity and a new perspective into my work projects and how to improve this part of my life”

“This class was a true blessing (in many ways!). It’s so wonderful that these spiritually powerful classes are available globally online.”

Recorded classes available on Learn It Live:

Spiritual Mastery with Shakti Durga:

Introduction to Spiritual Mastery (Tue 5 Nov ’13)
The Law of Vibration (Tues 19 Nov ’13)
The Law of Polarity (Tues 3 Dec ’13)

Spiritual Mentoring and Healing:

These sessions have all been helpful and inspiring and are well worth watching again and again!

Divine Authenticity with Gayatri Kamadhenu (28 Aug ’13)
Spiritual Mentoring with Shakti Durga (21 Aug ’13)
Failure, Success and Perfection (14 Aug ’13)
Past Lives (7 Aug ’13)
Body Balance (10 July ’13)
Courage (26 June ’13)
Spiritual Names as a Divine Pathway (19 June ’13)
Spiritual Mentoring and Healing (12 June ’13)
“Yap Yap Yap” (5 June ’13)
Adversity and Challenge (29 May ’13)
Understanding Paradigms of Enlightenment (22 May ’13)

Empowering Relationships classes:

These classes look at how you can become a peacemaker by cultivating skills that perhaps we were not raised with as children. They are filled with helpful insights and tools that you can can use to solve many forms of relationship problems and move forward in a constructive way. The recorded classes each contain a very powerful healing meditation.

Empowering Relationships – A Christmas Special (3 Dec ’12)
Vibration in Relationships (1 Oct ’12)
Communication Styles, Listening and Paying Attention (’24 Sept ’12)
Relationships as Mirrors (17 Sept ’12)
Power Games (10 Sept ’12)
Assertiveness Instead of Aggression (3 Sept ’12)
Getting to the Real You (27 Aug ’12)
How to Avoid being a Pain in the Butt! (20 Aug ’12)
Introduction – Multi-Dimensional Me and How to have Intimacy (13 Aug ’12)

These classes are being offered by Donation.  Please look into your heart and give generously in accordance with your means.

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Reference: Please include course eg IYS1web + first initial + last name

Paypal or Credit Card:
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