Path of Ease and Grace Seminars

Honoring wisdom teachings of both Eastern and Western origins, Shakti Durga created a self-realisation pathway called the Path of Ease and Grace. The Foundation for the path is a series of practical, fun-filled, potent yet nurturing experiential seminars.

The 9 foundational seminars are designed to provide the essential life skills and spiritual tools needed to foster spiritual development, inner healing, and personal transformation.

These seminars are designed to help you create a life of “ease and grace” resulting in an experience of more happiness and joy. In addition, many people have reported that this seminar series has helped them to unlock or discover their true and unique purpose in life.

They are appropriate for people of any faith or spiritual background, and are suitable for people of any level of spiritual understanding or practice. You’ll learn about key spiritual concepts such as karma, manifesting and creating abundance, past lives, souls, chakras and your energy body.

The Foundation seminars are a prerequisite to continuing education. From there you can study to become a spiritual teacher or energetic healer, learn to be a multi-faith priest/priestess, or join the Shanti Mission Mystery School.

Wherever you choose to be on the Path of Ease and Grace, you will learn about your mind, body, energy field and soul in an inspired way. You will build on what you know and experience expansion of consciousness, inner peace, and more love, joy, fulfillment and peace than you could ever imagine.

If you have been looking for a genuine pathway of spiritual empowerment and Divine grace, a loving multi faith community, a place of shining light, vibrancy and ceremony, friendliness, a way to find your purpose and an inspired destiny, Shanti Mission could be what you are seeking. Here people of every belief and world view are welcome and respected.

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Stage One – Spirited and Empowered


Ignite Your Spirit is the foundation seminar of the Path of Ease and Grace seminar series. It is a fascinating, grounded and practical opportunity to learn about your own energy anatomy and spirit.

Ignite Your Spirit 1
Learn how we are interconnected with all of life. Experience powerful guided healing meditations, and let your energy be replenished through wonderful transmissions of light and grace. Discover how to anchor more vitality and healing capacity, and have some fun as our teachers share their warmth, humour and personal stories of transformation. As you practice, your own energy will be enhanced– something you are likely to notice straight away, with continuing changes in the weeks ahead.

Prerequisite: None

Ignite Your Spirit 2
Building on Ignite Your Spirit 1, learn more about meditation, the expansion of your consciousness and your own energy anatomy. Learn how to avoid taking on other people’s stuff. Cut from negative people and heal adverse situations. Discover more about the spiritual law of cause and effect, more powerful ways to heal the mind and body, and safe effective use of light and sound for healing. Perceive the unique shape of your own energy field. You will also be shown simple energy first aid techniques, supplementary to medical intervention and advice, a boon for every parent, guardian, teacher, health worker and anyone who works directly with the public.

Prerequisite: Ignite Your Spirit 1

Empowering Relationships 1
Being empowered to have great relationships is an important key to a fulfilling life. Learn about your 8 core needs and how to beat co-dependence. Experience an amazing relationship healing meditation that you can practice any time. See how your mind, your energy, your soul and your speech can all become assets to anchor more love, joy, peace and intimacy, trust and security in ourselves and in our relationships. This transformative and experiential seminar will bring relief and freedom as well as a raft of ways to turn around difficult relationships and make good ones even better.

Prerequisite: None

Empowering Relationships 2
It is easy in the honeymoon stage, but how do you keep the energy high and stay committed, retaining the zing and the intimacy? Rediscover the golden glow of deep togetherness. Learn simple ways to handle conflict, be more assertive and experience greater love. Find out how to gracefully transition relationships from one form to another, so that peace and authenticity, respect and trust are possible even when they may not have been in evidence till now. Practical and inspiring, we help you let go of old wounds, heal the past and get your energy into present time. Attain peace and happiness even in challenging relationships.

Prerequisite: Empowering Relationships 1

Stage Two – A Brighter Future

Stage one seminars are prerequisites to subsequent stages.

Yoga of the Mind
The mind is an instrument of our soul, and when we learn to connect with our soul our consciousness transforms. Yoga means union and can be used to help us to attain peace and enlightenment. Yoga of the Mind builds on Ignite Your Spirit and helps us learn to still our minds, using ancient techniques to erase negative thought patterns, fears and self-defeating beliefs and ideas. Astounding changes in consciousness frequently occur during the seminar, and life changes afterwards are often profound. Break free of old grudges and negative habits and put in place new healthy foundations. Learn more about how to care for your developing energy body and add more healing techniques to your repertoire.

We can transform our hearts and minds into pure channels of Divine love and consciousness. Every person has the capacity to do this. When we achieve soul connection the business of living takes place much more gracefully.

We understand a lot more about what is going on and why, and how we can respond in an intelligent way to the ups and downs in life. Relationships improve noticeably. Problems just seem to melt away.

Prerequisite: Stage 1 seminars

Dimensions of Wealth

In Dimensions of Wealth we teach the art of Natural Manifesting. This is a method which aligns us with Universal design, which is Benevolence and Abundance. Wealth is both tangible and intangible. It includes having enough money to do whatever we want, as well as having the capacity to enjoy the Earth, care for our families, have great friends, and a real sense of who I am and why I am here.

In this seminar we look at the way in which we either attract or repel good things in our lives. Starting with the Divine dimension in which everything already exists in perfection, we look at the role our minds play in enabling or disempowering us from living a heavenly life on Earth. It is not enough to set a new affirmation for prosperity: the existing mental ‘dandruff’ that keeps us disempowered, often buried deep within, needs to be excavated and released for optimal manifesting ability. In this course, you will carry out self-assessment and receive activations for wealth creation, heal deep blocks to wealth and find an empowering way to use the mind to attract the life you desire.

We learn potent affirmations to change our reality, study the five dimensions of wealth as well as spiritual laws that bind us, whether we like it or not. Knowing them makes life a lot easier to understand.

Activations of the base chakra, learning how to self-assess our individual capacity to manifest wealth, and exercises to improve wealth creation are imparted. We prepare for wealth by refining the physical dimension and understanding our role in anchoring Heaven on Earth.

Prerequisite: Yoga of the Mind


Stage Three – Amazing Grace


By this point you have already learnt tools for a more considered and joy-filled life. In Spiritual Mastery we put it all together. Building on all previous courses this acclaimed program will show you the big picture and where you can work most strategically to ensure that your life experience is uplifted and transformed, and your Divine relationship is permanently enhanced.

Spiritual Mastery is the final course in the Foundation section of the transformational Path of Ease and Grace to Enlightenment by Shakti Durga.

Spiritual mastery 1
Learn the rules of the game of Life!
The twelve spiritual laws are part of the fabric of creation itself. We cannot avoid them, so we need to learn to understand and embrace them. When we start to work with the Law of the Universe, the Universe starts to work with us and then anything is possible!

Prerequisite: Stage 1 and 2 courses

Spiritual Mastery 2
In Spiritual Mastery 2 we explore 12 hallmarks of Spiritual Masters, with practical examples to help understand how Mastery can be lived. What should we be aspiring towards? What will bring us the greatest change internally and externally?

Measure your own progress in each of the 12 Hallmarks of Mastery. For each Hallmark, you will clearly understand what we are seeking to attain, as well as how to avoid the pitfalls on the path. Practices which support each hallmark of spiritual mastery are explained and vibrant spiritual energy helps us to absorb the teachings to transform our experience of life.

Prerequisite: Spiritual Mastery 1

Anchoring Heaven On Earth (formerly called Dimensions of Wealth 2)
We can do it! Life is what we make of it, and together we can co-create a more enlightened way of living. The Kingdom of Heaven can be found within, during this life when we access the riches of the 12 Mansions of the Soul. Find your spiritual wealth and anchor a vibrant, fulfilling and inspiring vision for your future. Life is a classroom and a vehicle for our evolution. As we continue our evolutionary journey the power of the miraculous makes itself known through us. Calling on the power of your soul and the stillness of your essence we coalesce the magnetic power known to the ancient seers. We enter into the flow of grace and put together everything we have so far learned on the Path of Ease and Grace.

Prerequisite: Spiritual Mastery 2


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