Dimensions of Wealth Abundance Meditation

Experience the transformation of the self into a more abundant person through a journey to the Soul.

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Dimensions of Wealth Abundance Meditation

Connect with the wisdom of your Soul. Use visualization techniques and follow a pathway of light from your heart to the higher spiritual worlds of other dimensions. Travel on a mythical creature, encouraged by Angelic beings, to where our Soul exists as a perfect Divine spark of self. Be nourished and supported by this deeper knowing and realization of your Self.

Receive blessings of abundance of all good things in your life; financial, friendships,relationships, spiritual experiences, careers and vocations.

Release all resistance to the help, doubts and changes necessary to bring about more abundance in your life.

  1. Dimensions of Wealth Abundance Meditation (26.43)

Please note this is a live recording and may contain sounds from the audience and surrounding environment.

More information on abundance can be found in the book and seminar Dimensions of Wealth.

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