2017 News: We are Taking More Time for Love

New year always feels like a new start, even more so this year, because in numerology we are entering a “one” year. Add 2017 digits together you get 10, or 1 when you add the zero and one. A one-year is about things being different, feeling a change, or a new cycle commencing. And here is a suggestion for what we could do that is new. We could make more time for more love. This was the advice received from Mother Durga on Mission Day, and has become our theme for 2017.

When you think about it, love can starve if it is not fed enough time and attention. Love is an invisible, and the invisible things suffer the most when we get busy and overwhelmed. By making time for more love, we can change the old dynamic. This will fuel wonderful things, like closeness with family, a sense of belonging, inner peace, vitality, shared understanding, deep intimacy and caring.

This year, in those inevitable times when the going gets tough, breathe, take a minute, get centred and let your spirit flow into good habits, right speech, right energy and right intention. Have a wonderful 2017.

Namaste, Om Shanti

Blessings from Shakti Durga

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