About Shakti Durga

Shakti Durga, master energy healer, spiritual teacher and sacred musician, is an inspired channel for Divine wisdom and healing, drawing on the ancient insights from both Eastern and Western spiritual traditions. She is one of 12 masters that have been invited to China by Tiffany Space, one of the largest providers of spiritual content in that country. She is also one of the 108 living masters featured on the Times of India’s spiritual website, Speaking Tree. She has taught 1000s of people in 4 continents. She has authored over 5 books, countless spiritual music, mantra and meditation CDS, and 3 inspirational card decks.

She is the founder, spiritual head and inspirational leader of Shanti Mission (Peace Mission), with its head office based in Australia. The not-for-profit charity operates a wide-variety of projects and programs with the aim of creating inner peace and peace between people.

Shakti Durga is an illumined spiritual teacher who assists in igniting the spirit of her students (See FAQs).  Her teachings focus on the development of spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health and wellbeing with the goal of igniting the divine spark within.

Shakti Durga has developed a unique approach and philosophy to spirituality based on years of studying with many teachers as well as the various faiths, traditions and religions. This has included study of Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and the Muslim faith as well as numerous esoteric or ‘mystical’ paths. A former lawyer (barrister), Shakti Durga, is very skilled at communicating, explaining and de-mystifying the ancient teachings and practices from East and West.

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About Shanti Mission

A disciple of living Avatar Sri Sakthi Amma, Shakti Durga, is an illumined spiritual teacher, musician, author and healer. Shakti Durga gives blessings and spiritual initiations to people seeking empowerment as peacemakers. She caters for those who want a genuine, mystical yet practical, grounded, transformative path of spiritual awakening. For this purpose she established a school of spirituality and healing called Shanti Mission.

Shakti Durga expounds her spiritual philosphy of life through her teachings, books, meditations, music CDs and DVD’s, YouTube channel and inspirational card decks. She has created a series of self-realisation seminars called ‘The Path of Ease and Grace’. These seminars help people to understand the world around them, beyond the physical, and provide practical and useful tools and techniques to become an empowered person and create more love, joy, happiness, peace and prosperity. Many of Shakti Durga’s seminars are offered by heartfelt contribution based on the value you feel you have received from the teachings.

Ever loving and with pure, blazing energy, Shakti Durga is an inspiration to thousands of people.

Ignite Your Spirit

After experiencing phenomenal results from energy healing for chronic bronchitis, Shakti Durga extensively studied various energy healing modalities, including Pranic Healing, Reiki and Crystal Dreaming, becoming a teacher of Pranic healing. From this work, she went on to develop a healing modality called Ignite Your Spirit therapy which combines energy healing with meditation, mindfulness and mentoring/counseling. The approach aims to literally ‘ignite’ the client’s spirit and helps them with everything from depression and anxiety to physical illness. Group healings are available from Shakti Durga or individual sessions are available from therapists around Australia and the USA. To find a qualified therapist near you, visit the Therapist Directory on the Shanti Mission website. Read some of the great stories of healing and transformation in our Ignite Your Spirit testimonial section.

Respect for all Paths

Fundamental to all of Shakti Durga’s teachings is a belief that all paths are valid paths to the divine (read a blog on this topic). In fact, she often says ‘surely God would not have been so boring as to only create one path to the Divine’.  She hopes to awaken people and help them to find their own ‘path’. This is why she invites people to study with her or through Shanti Mission and its many programs for a day, a week, a year or a lifetime. She encourages people to always listen to their heart when making any decision in life. She also encourages people not to blindly accept what they are taught or learn, but instead it’s important to constantly ‘road test’  these things in our own lives.

Want to Learn More?

The best way to learn more about Shakti Durga, her teachings and her approach is by reading her books (you can purchase  from this website, or purchase EBooks through Amazon), attending a seminar or retreat in person or online or visiting one of The Harmony Centres for a weekday meditation or weekend ‘satsang’.  More information is available on this website or by visiting the Shanti Mission website.

For more detailed information on Shakti Durga please read her longer biography.

Sacred Music

Enjoy this preview of Shakti Durga’s new album: Oh My GODDESS, a fusion of Vedic Mantra and world music.

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