Angelic Temple Opening, Cooranbong New Year’s Day

Noon Satsang, then 3pm Temple Opening – All Welcome


Here at the Abode of Peace, we are about to open a Crystalline Angelic Temple. It will be formally opened on New Year’s Day. As you may have heard, some weeks ago an Archangelic Portal formed here and many people have experienced blessings and love standing in the portal. To honour the Divine phenomena, we are decorating!

We want to fill the new Archangelic Temple with Crystals. The resonance of energy created will be totally amazing, attracting people from far and wide to experience the Archangels and receive blessings and inspirations for their lives. You can help and be part of this! There is no higher karmic grace than being part of establishing a temple.

We need 44 selenite towers and 4 white orbs, large amethysts and rose quartz. We have sourced them and would like to offer sponsorships to enable you and others to share the grace and to be part of the establishment of the temple.

Below is a list of what can be sponsored – just contact Abode of Peace Reception:

Selenite lamp 160mm                       $36       4 sponsorships available
Selenite sphere 150mm                    $75       4 sponsorships available

Selenite lamp 250-330mm                $80     18 sponsorships available
Selenite lamp 350-430                    $108    18 sponsorships available

Amethyst Druze “Protection”           $180      1 sponsorships available
Amethyst Druze “Guidance”           $ 295      1 sponsorships available

Rose quartz  “Beauty”                     $230        1 sponsorship available
Rose quartz “Truth”                         $445        1 sponsorship available

Amethyst Cave “Hope”                 $1,122      1 sponsorships available
Amethyst Cave “Faith”                  $1,390      1 sponsorships available

Also…do you have crystals just lying around not being used that could be part of our new temple? We can utilize all kinds of crystals, particularly selenite, quartz, amethyst including caves, large angel statues and rose quartz too.

If you would like to contribute to the Crystalline Angelic Temple, a portal for the Sacred that is very Western in flavor, then please bring your precious crystals up to the Ashram and we will be ceremonially cleansing and blessing them as part of our evening fire pujas each day.

Our front desk will collect crystals as well as a list of donors, and on the day we turn the temple on at the official opening, your names will be recited and blessings anchored on your behalf. Your crystals, both sponsored and donated, will permanently adorn the new sacred space, and continue to radiate good wishes and blessings for you and all humanity.  We will receive sponsorships and donations of crystals up to the Summer Solstice New Moon fire puja on Wednesday 21 December (the puja is at 6.30pm).

The Temple will be further activated in Fall, Winter and Spring, to align with the four seasons and bringing harmony and balance through the natural kingdoms. The four Archangels are the patrons of this temple, which is bringing so much bliss to so many. Further details of subsequent events will be sent in the new year. The temple will generally be open to the public whenever the Ashram is open (closed Tuesdays).

We hope you can be involved in this beautiful project either by contributing crystals or by attending the opening in person – or both!

Love Shakti Durga

PS: New Years Eve – we will have the Centre reopening at 8pm, fire puja at 8.30pm then all night kirtan led by Maitreya! (well at least until after midnight). You could stay over New Years Eve, come to a noon Satsang New Year’s Day, then come to the Archangelic Temple opening for the Angels…wow what a start to the new year!

“Lord Śri Sadāśiva said: O Dear Devi! … By donating a temple made of bricks, one resides in the heavenly abode for thousand crore years multiplied by hundred times. By donating a temple made of stones, one attains the divine merit (puṇya) which is ten thousand times more.”
~ mahānirvaṇtantraṁ, trayodaśa ullāsa
“Temples are like satellite relay centers where highly intense spiritual energy is created and sent all over the world to help human beings heal themselves physically, mentally, emotionally, and above all spiritually. 
~ Paramahamsa Nithyananda
Shanti Mission, Archangelic Portal

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