Strength of the Soul

Available for purchase from the AppStore.

Strength of the Soul App, Shakti Durga

Deck 1 is a Free App Download
Accessing the power of your soul is an incredible gift that is available to everyone. Shakti Durga has created this set of 54 cards to assist you to attune with the amazing power of your soul as a means to transform your life, facilitate healing and blaze through the obstacles in your life.

Deck 2 is an In-App Purchase
An additional set of 54 cards are designed to be used separately, or together with the original card deck, receiving core guidance, going deeper with your attunement & reaching out using these gifts.

Give yourself this amazing gift NOW  for less than the cost of a cup of coffee! Get the App.
Android versions for your phone and tablet will be available soon.

Wealth Wisdom

Available for purchase from the AppStore.
Shakti Durga Wealth Wisdom App

Beyond affirmations, learn to align with the strength of your soul. Access different card readings for inspiration and guidance from this beautiful deck of 72 cards.

Find out more. Designed for both iPhone and iPad.


Shakti Durga shares some insights from her Strength of her Soul cards:

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