Archangelic Portal, Cooranbong Australia

In October 2016 Shakti Durga was running a spiritual program to connect with our guardian angels. When we were all deep in meditation, we were given a vision of the Archangels filling the meditation hall. Shakti Durga knew that this was a gift for humanity from the Archangels. At their direction, she established the Archangelic Portal, with vast energy anchored in crystalline form in the physical world, to bless anyone who comes to see the Angels. The temple is open every day except Tuesday.

Through hard spiritual work over 20 years, Shakti Durga has established a huge connection with the Angelic world, and is often used as a channel for the Divine Holy Names and Angelic beings. Experiencing the portal with her is even more activating. Divine angelic activations are available with Shakti Durga for up to 4 people. You will need to book well in advance.

If you have ever felt connected to the Angels, felt love for or inspiration from the Angels, why not come and experience their incredible Divine essence coalesced in this sacred place. Experience this yourself, there is nothing like it!

If you already have a channel open to the Angels, this portal will strengthen it and make their guidance even clearer. If you have not yet connected to the Angels, this pure and blissful temple is a safe place to open to the intuitive awareness and wisdom of the Angels. It is a spiritual experience not to be missed.

Angelic musical experiences, sound healings, harp recitals, Angelic meditation, special events and more.

The Archangelic Portal has become a place of inspiration, spiritual activation and miraculous breakthroughs have occurred for the many people who have come to the temple specifically to visit the Archangelic portal and gift shop.

Book a special Archangelic Communion Blessing
Abode of Peace, 45 Kings Road, Cooranbong NSW 2265 (one hour north of Sydney, closed Tuesdays)



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