What are you thinking? Shakti Durga

What Are You Thinking?

Each one of us thinks 60,000 to 70,000 thoughts per day!  Amazing, don't you think?  That's a lot of thoughts....[read more]

Healing Poor Self Worth

A lady called Vicky came to see me for healing. She just couldn't seem to get anything in her life...[read more]

Boost your Wealth, Shakti Durga

I’d Be Wealthy If…

A lot of people think that they could be wealthy, if, and then you can insert all kinds of words....[read more]

You Are Enough, Shakti Durga

You Are Enough

I was once asked by one of the mystics in India, ‘What do you think is the biggest problem for...[read more]

Kerwin Rae interview Shakti Durga

Shakti Durga, Unstoppable with Kerwin Rae

Shakti Durga chats with leading business entrepreneur Kerwin Rae about the her spiritual journey. View Podcast https://youtu.be/9WPM_OUdyBk

Shakti Durga Answers Your Questions

Life Can Be Tricky

Q Why is life tricky sometimes and sometimes not so tricky? A We all are the products of our past karmas.  Some...[read more]

Shakti Durga, master spiritual teacher

How Can We Fix This World?

Fixing the World Q How can we fix this world? A We start by fixing ourselves! It is not the world that...[read more]

Love and relationships, Shakti Durga

Love and Proximity, Being Fresh in Love

L Q Why do we want the person to be with us all the time when we are fresh in love?...[read more]

Shakti Durga, Relationships as a Pathway to Self Realisation

Love In Relationships

Shakti Durga shares insights from questions asked by people curious about their relationships, their spiritual path or life in general....[read more]

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