A Big YES for Equality


For the first time EVER here is a Letter to Initiates from Savitur, who is currently at Amma’s Peedam. Savitur is one of the senior teachers in Shanti Mission, and a very wise man. As usual, he makes so much sense.

Blessings and love to everyone,
Shakti Durga


Namaste everyone,

It is with great joy that I sit here in Amma’s Peedam hearing from friends and loved ones that it’s a BIG YES for equality. Yippee! Thank you and well done.

I am curious to witness my consciousness contemplating the valuable job done by those who were holding the no end of the rope and how this served the whole. I am finding myself pouring love towards these beautiful souls in gratitude for their service!

I am reminded of Shakti Durga’s teachings about the friction it can take to grow into more love. The opposition of the selves that hold in place the opposite polarity are absolutely vital for this to occur.

It is not often that I feel compelled to write, never mind to our entire community, however as people that have been trained to become love on legs, I feel compelled (maybe pushed along by Amma’s grace ) to write this little request to pour love on the NO campaign and huge gratitude for holding the opposite end for us here.

This I believe is where we will find deep and lasting change and bring ourselves, as a whole, to more realised love than ever before.

With love Savitur


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