The Lakshmi Effect

Anything we begin needs to be maintained in order to thrive, be it relationships, businesses or spiritual missions. Maintenance requires...[read more]

Shiva, birthday fire puja

Personal Update from Shakti Durga

Namaste, How beautiful it has been to experience the Autumn rains, and the cooler temperatures after a baking summer. Firstly,...[read more]

Spiritual illumination, Shanti Mission, Shakti Durga

A Message from Shakti Durga, Family Miracles

Namaste everyone I am back from visiting Amma, with a whole lot more peace, love and clarity concerning the next...[read more]

Puja for family blessings, Shanti Mission

A Story of Family Blessings

Namaste everyone, We had such an amazing ceremony last Friday when we had our first ever family puja at the...[read more]

Shanti Mission, Blessings of family, fire puja

A Personal Message, Family Blessings

Namaste everyone, Happy 2018 to you all. We received guidance on Mission day last October to focus this year on...[read more]

Archangelic Portal, Abode of Peace, Cooranbong, Shanti Mission

Archangelic Portal, Cooranbong Australia

In October 2016 Shakti Durga was running a spiritual program to connect with our guardian angels. When we were all...[read more]

Shakti Durga, The Truth Prescription

Lawyer to Lightworker, The Truth Prescription

Dr Seku Gathers from The Truth Prescription speaks with master energy healer and spiritual teacher Shakti Durga, for his podcast broadcast...[read more]


A Big YES for Equality

Namaste, For the first time EVER here is a Letter to Initiates from Savitur, who is currently at Amma’s Peedam....[read more]

Shakti Durga, Diwali Lakshmi Blessing

Lakshmi Diwali Blessings, IYTA Yoga Conference

Shakti Durga was recently a guest of the International Yoga Teachers Association conference at Sydney Town Hall. She was invited...[read more]

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