Buddhist Meditation Space, Cooranbong Opening

Last weekend our community enjoyed a blissful ceremonial opening of our Buddhist meditation space  at the Abode of Peace, Cooranbong.  Present were So Fan Chan from the Buddhist Council of Australia, Dr Eng Kong Tang founder of the Association of Buddhist Counsellors and Psychotherapists (ABCAP ) and wife Swee Ha, Wendy Smith, current president of ABCAP and husband Michael.   The energy poured out, and with mantras, chants and lovely sharing from our special guests we had a magnificent time.  We had received a beautiful Buddha which was donated some years ago, and which was recently blessed and filled with mantras by a Rimpoche for Shanti Mission.  In accordance with the Buddhist practices, we had a water ceremony, then an unveiling of the newly charged Shakyamuni Buddha, and wow was it incredible.


I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the renovation, beautification and activation of the new meditation space, as well as Laxmi Green, one of the long term teachers in Shanti Mission who is also on the ABCAP council. Alleluia, Barbara Bell from Southern Highlands arranged for the blessing of the murti. Maitreya as always was radiant with his music and spiritual presence, and blessed us all with new Buddhist songs and golden oldies as well.

Shanti Mission’s 8th

pillar is multi faith.  We are so happy to be bringing forth a radiant flavour of Buddhism, our turning of the Dharma wheel. I felt alive with past life recollections of this wondrous tradition.

We have many more events and chanting sessions planned. In March Shakti Durga and Maitreya will be taking a retreat limited to 30 people to Dharamsala to fully immerse in the Tibetan Buddhist flavour. We will be visiting the grand cathedral opposite the Dallai Llama’s home, and have a few surprises in store as well.

Do come and visit, you are welcome to use the space for private meditation, or for small group practices particularly in the Buddhist flavour.

Loads of love and blessings to you, a priceless member of our family of light.

Om Shanti, Shakti Durga

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