Shakti Durga, Relationships as a Pathway to Self Realisation

Love In Relationships

Shakti Durga shares insights from questions asked by people curious about their relationships, their spiritual path or life in general....[read more]

Abode of Peace, Buddhist Meditation Space

Buddhist Meditation Space, Cooranbong Opening

Last weekend our community enjoyed a blissful ceremonial opening of our Buddhist meditation space  at the Abode of Peace, Cooranbong. ...[read more]

Shakti Durga A Question of Karma

A Question of Karma

Karma of being a pawn in someone’s drama I was asked recently about a situation where someone I know, lets...[read more]

Gayatri Pariwar Shantikunj ashram Shakti Durga Retreats

Rishikesh Retreat, Shakti Durga – Letter 7

Rishikesh Retreat, Shakti Durga On day three we visited two spiritual centers of excellence in Haridwar with our group. The...[read more]

Shiva Rishikesh Shakti Durga Retreats

Shakti Durga Rishikesh Spiritual Retreat – Letter 6

Shakti Durga Rishikesh Spiritual Retreat Namaste! Blessings from India. It came time to leave the haven of the Havali Hara...[read more]

Shiva Khori Cave, Swamiji & Shakti Durga

India: Shiv Khori Cave – Letter 4

Our next trip was a long one.  We said goodbye to the Maha Babaji Meditation Centre, and then we were...[read more]

Shakti Durga & Shiva

India: Manali – Letter 3

The road from Mount Prassar to Manali took us through mountain passes and beautiful valleys, and our convoy of four...[read more]

Lake Prashar

India: A Holy Lake – Letter 2

Continuing Shakti Durga's letters to the community from her 2018 visit: The next day we set off on the first...[read more]

Shakti Durga, Dharamashala 2018

Journey with the Infinite

Yatra Namaste!  Blessings from north India. We have been on a yatra with Swamiji, who is a disciple of the...[read more]

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