It Doesn’t Have to Work, to Have Worked

I was speaking with a person the other day who has done a heap of work on a relationship with a significant family member, Andrea. Andrea has made life hell for Henry for many years, including while he was growing up, and continuing on into adulthood. Despite this, there is still nastiness and unprovoked aggression from her. Henry felt he was failing in using the tools. When I put my hands in his energy field all I felt was peace and sweetness, and I knew that he had cleaned up his side of the street. The remaining hook was an inner child need to be approved of, which was never going to happen from Andrea, and I felt the test was that it pushed Henry further into approving of himself. He had a huge release and sense of relief when he realized that it was ok if she never likes him. What he is now in touch with is his own sense of individuality and he is willing to stand in the full presence of his own being. He has stopped apologising for himself when he has done nothing wrong, and he is practicing pouring out love when he is around her, regardless of her attitude. She has no power to hurt or diminish him unless he lets her, and he will not let her any more. 

Even when in the outer world it seems that our spiritual tools have not worked, to the clairvoyant eye, it may be a different story. Our tools are not meant to control others, but to empower us no matter what the situation. They are to strengthen us and help us stand in the Eternal and loving truth of our soul.

Namaste and Happy Christmas,

Love and blessings from Shakti Durga

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