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Guru Purnima/Disciples Intensive, Abode, Shakti Durga

Purnima means Full moon and the Full moon in July is a celebration of the mystical relationship with Guru. What is Guru? How do you work with that energy? How do you retain your individuality and yet merge with the vortex of energy that the Guru represents? How do we, as modern western people, avail ourselves of the tireless wisdom of the priceless empowering blessings and activation that only a Guru can give us? Have you wondered about the path that is offered in the world by Gurus and wished you could ask questions and have them answered to your satisfaction? This is your opportunity to come and explore all of these topics and more with Shakti Durga who is a modern western Guru. In Shanti Mission the Guru tradition has been updated and given a western context, to take advantage of the shifts in consciousness energy and opportunities that are available in Western countries without losing the esoteric route of the tradition. Come and feel the truth of the beauty and blazing grace of Guru Disciple relationship and see if it is for you.

This Intensive is open to Disciples, however if you feel in your heart Shakti Durga is your Guru, you have started on your path with Shanti Mission and have studied in the school, you are welcome to book. This is an advanced program.


12 Jul. 2019 - 16 Jul. 2019

18:30 pm - 16:00 pm


+61 2 4977 3300


disciples intensive Guru Purnima Shakti Durga

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