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Life Beyond Form

July 23, 2022 @ 8:30 am - 12:00 pm



This 5 session course ‘Life Beyond Form‘, gives you the tools and wisdom to explore the inner world safely, so you have the confidence to open fully to the vast interior landscape.

Usually $360 – Early Bird price $252 (early bird fee ends 4/6/22) with coupon code YGT333, save $108 

Course runs 23 July – 7 Aug 2022


Learn guidelines on how to be safe in the inner world and clearly hear the voice of your soul, so you feel inspired and in awe of the magnificence of creation.

On the spiritual path we recognise that there is more to life than that which is limited to the physical plane. We know that some kind of inner world exists, but perhaps we are a bit hazy about what is really going on in this vast interior landscape.

The other planes of existence are teaming with life. The intention of this program is to introduce you to what you might expect to find on the inner world, and how to open to inner experiences in a safe and contemplative way.

Discover the mysterious world of Kundalini, the miraculous bliss producing Divine essence that exists within every person. 

Using a mythological tale from Ancient India, we will explore the journey of awakening and self-empowerment, set against the backdrop of the broader world setting of the play of light and dark.

This play of light and dark takes place both on the physical and the inner world. Learning how to stay safe and protected is one of the foundation skills of a mystic, whether in ancient or modern times. During Life Beyond Form we deepen our recognition of the hallmarks of true guidance.

Our ability to perceive the wonders of the inner world is limited to the extent of the activation of our inner Divine radiance. Known as Kundalini Shakti, this boundless, profound force of Universal Consciousness sits dormant within all sentient beings. We can connect with it in a variety of ways, and in this seminar we will see how to do so in a safe manner by gentle blessings and activations of the chakras.

The journey of oneness with your vast spiritual self is a journey that is inseparable from the awakened flow of Kundalini through your entire being. Kundalini is the life force, it is Divine energy, and it exists in a latent form within each of us. It is the sacred Shakti that exists in a semi-dormant state at the base of your spine, and which can arise as you cultivate your inner landscape. This cultivation requires work on our minds, our emotions, our vibrational energy, our bodies and our consciousness.

Travellers on the journey of self-Illumination… This program is most suited to Spiritual Seekers who are looking for a deeper understanding of the nature of reality.


Two timeslots to cater for other timezones, choose either:

Australian Morning Times (AEST)
Class 1. 8:30am-12pm,  Sat 23 Jul, 2022
Class 2. 8:30-11am, Wed 27 Jul, 2022
Class 3. 8:30am-12pm, Sat 30 Jul, 2022
Class 4. 8:30-11am, Wed 3 Aug, 2022
Class 5. 8:30am-12pm, Sat 6 Aug, 2022

Australian Evening Times (AEST)
Class 1: 6-9:30pm, Sun 24 Jul, 2022
Class 2: 7-9:30pm, Wed 27 Jul, 2022
Class 3: 6-9:30pm, Sun 31 Jul, 2022
Class 4: 7-9:30pm, Wed 3 Aug, 2022
Class 5: 6-9:30pm Sun 7 Aug, 2022


July 23, 2022
8:30 am - 12:00 pm
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Shakti Durga


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