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NEW: Healing with Crystals, Shakti Durga, Abode of Peace

Healing with Crystals is an additional seminar in the Inner Light – Path of Ease and Grace series.

Using the skills learned in IYS 1, IYS 2 and Yoga of the Mind we will learn how to work with crystals in an effective and amazing way. This program is only taught in the sacred environment of our centres.

• Choosing the right crystal for the right purpose.
• How to properly prepare crystals for use in healing.
• Care of crystals.
• Creating a crystal energy grid.
• Using crystals to assist in chakral healing.
• Crystals to support meditation.
• Crystals for inner strength, to remove negativity,
• Crystals as holders of high vibrational frequency.
• How to use crystals in your home,
• Crystal jewellery do’s and don’t’s,
• Developing your intuition to work with the natural kingdoms and optimise your relationship with this amazing part of nature.

Prerequisites: IYS 1, IYS 2 and Yoga of the Mind



9 Nov. 2019 - 11 Nov. 2019

10:00 am - 17:00 pm


+61 2 4977 3300


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