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Shivaratri, Shakti Durga, Cooranbong

If you are thinking of coming up to Cooranbong to spend some intensive time in the sublime energy of Shakti Durga and our 5 Holy temples, book in for 5 Blissful Days of Shivaratri retreat.

Shivaratri is a celebration of the marriage of the great Yogic God Shiva, to the Goddess Parvati, she who is born from the Earth.  Celebrated by millions around the world, it is a powerful time for initiation and inner world bliss. Their marriage is our marriage to the Great Light that is within us.

Shiva is enigmatic, his name means bliss, but he is also Rudra the destroyer. As Nataraj, He is the Cosmic dancer and as Nityasundara he is Eternal beauty. Amidst bliss filled practices and blessings, we will be looking at these facets of Shiva, and the weaving of our lives with the Cosmic dance.

Shivaratri is a time for the awakening to more enlivened consciousness. It is an opportunity for the exploration of your own beauty and truth, as well as gateways into the light and bliss beyond form. Our Shivaratri celebrations will be filled with music, meditation, mantra, stories from the Vedas and joyful exploration of the inner light.

There is also the opportunity to sponsor a range of powerful devotional practices. View puja sponsorships.

All are welcome to attend. Offered at the Abode of Peace and online. Registration essential via Shanti Mission website. Tuition offered by heartfelt donation: pay what you can afford according to the value you feel you receive.



2 Mar. 2019 - 6 Mar. 2019

10:00 am - 17:00 pm


+61 2 4977 3300


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