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Wesak Celebration, Henley, Shakti Durga

Wesak is a celebration of Lord Buddha, in Oneness with the Christ energy, and is celebrated at the full moon end of April/May. We are rewarded for the past years spiritual work and offered blessings for the coming year. This experience gives us the inner initiations for the year ahead which are required for climbing the spiritual mountain as well as our projects in the world.  Join Shakti Durga and millions of people worldwide for an awesome and inspiring inner plane journey to the Wesak Valley in Tibet, where the Buddha appears and blesses us with the ‘spiritual food’ for the next twelve months. The blessings, energy and feeling of celebration are palpable, and you will leave feeling uplifted, joyous and wowed!

This meditation is one our favourites as we sit in a sacred geometric pattern, and connect together in a communal merkaba or light body and fly as one to this celebration of Buddha’s birth, death and enlightenment.

As our seating arrangements are not our usual formation for meditating, we ask that you please register, and also arrive 30 mins prior to the event, so we can ensure you have a seat.

All Welcome


19 May. 2019

12:00 pm - 14:00 pm


Henley, Sydney

Henley Community Centre, 2 Crown Street, Henley

02 4977 3300


Lord Buddha Lord Jesus Wesak

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