Where do I start studying with Shakti Durga?

Satsangs (musical healing meditations) are great places to start or bring friends.

We also run guided transformational meditations during the week online as well as at various locations throughout Australia, the USA, Canada and UK.

You can connect with Shakti Durga Satsangs as a live broadcast each Sunday from her Facebook page. Better yet, come along if you’re able in person. A list of her public events is on her calendar on this site.

A selection of some of her teachings are also available on her YouTube channel.


Where do I begin?

Online: Connect with Shakti Durga  via Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or via online classes.

You can find a list of all the online classes offered by Shakti Durga and her senior teachers in the What’s On Calendar of the Shanti Mission website (the charity she founded).

Simply ‘Search by Category’: Online Classes

In person: Meet her at satsangs, musical meditations, sacred music chant nights – fun community gatherings, or her public seminars and workshops. You can find a list of her life-changing events and retreats on her event calendar on this site.

Through the charity she founded, Shanti Mission, you can find a list of many fabulous personal transformation seminars, most offered by donation. Simply create an account on the website and register to attend.

What are the 28 Jewels?

28 Jewels is a powerful course that you can purchase online, download and do at your own pace. The practices shared in the course can evoke positive change in your life and as you grow you will become happier, more fulfilled, more peaceful and more joyful than ever before.

The 28 Jewels has as a focus on the seven main energy centres in the body, sometimes known as wheels or chakras.

For each energy centre you will receive a wisdom teaching, a healing meditation, a piece of sacred music and mantra. Through regular practice you may experience miraculous changes in your energy and your life.

Find out more in the online shop.

How do I register for online classes?

You can find a list of all the online programs offered by Shakti Durga and her senior teachers in the What’s On Calendar of the Shanti Mission website (the charity she founded).

Simply ‘Search by Category’: Online Classes

Select the course you’re interested in and register via the site. You will be send a link to access the class online.

If you don’t already have a user profile, you will be prompted to create one (it’s free to do so).


What are blessings?

You may have seen a blessing being given or heard about this. A blessing is essentially a form of energy healing or energetic transfer of divine energy. Every blessing is different, depending on your needs at the time.

The intention of the person giving the blessing to get out of the way to let the Divine flow through them to assist the person receiving the blessing. Essentially it is the energy of the Divine, flowing through a divine channel (the person blessing) to awaken more divine in the recipient of the blessing.

Sometimes a blessing is about helping a person to expand their awareness and consciousness, sometimes a blessing is about helping the person let go of old stuck energy and sometimes a blessing comes through as unconditional, Divine love for the person being blessed to help them realise they are loved unconditionally by the divine. There are as many flavours of blessings as there are people in the world; the goal is to spiritually uplift the person being blessed and give them an energetic boost to transform and lift their life.

The person offering the blessing may place their finger on the ajna chakra (the energy centre between the eye brows) or the palm chakras in the hands (that link via energy meridians to the heart chakra).

Those receiving blessings may experience tingling, rushes of joy, crying, laughing or even physical shaking as energy moves. The best thing to do is remain receptive, open and appreciative and try to clear the mind by just thinking ‘thank you.’ If you are in the room when someone is receiving a blessing, the best thing to do is send them love as this actually helps them and also some of the blessing will flow to you.

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