Do I need a guru, and how do I know if I’ve found one who’s right for me?

The simplest answer: your heart will tell you.

We teach that we are all Divine; we are all one with God. Being a guru or more spiritually developed doesn’t make you any more divine, or ‘better’ than anyone else – it’s about how fully that Divinity is being expressed and realised.

Once a soul’s candle is ‘lit’ and they are awakened to become a big bright flame, it’s easy for them to light another. In fact, their souls infuse a deep yearning into all parts of the being to help others to light the spark within … and therefore raise the consciousness and vibration on earth. Being a guru can be hard work and requires a life of loving dedication to students or a mission, but that’s what a guru does, and that’s what the guru tradition is all about. Guru literally translates to ‘that which removes darkness.’ We refer to it as ‘Igniting Your Spirit’ … whatever you call it, the goal is to help you become an empowered student of life. If you are blessed to find guru, it can profoundly help to speed your development, enrich your life and will often be a lot of fun. Gurus can look inside your soul and help you with spiritual development at a very deep level. Spiritual development is like raindrops making their way back to the ocean, it helps to find a good river with a strong current!

For most of us growing up in Western countries, it’s never occurred to us to seek a guru. We read books, go along to talks, yoga or perhaps church or learn to meditate. We more or less assume we will need to figure it out for ourselves but many of us still feel an emptiness within, a yearning for more and to be awakened more fully. Others believe that because the Divine is within all of us, it would be giving our power away to seek a teacher.

You are, of course, not required to have a guru to develop spiritually. In fact, most of our courses and seminars are created for students of all faiths, backgrounds, beliefs and practices and people have many different gurus at the Harmony Centres. Our sole aim is to provide you with useful and practical skills and tools that can help you find and create more peace in your life. Whether you study with us for a day, a month, a year or a lifetime, we are happy to help you find and create more peace in your life.

Many of the skills and techniques taught in the seminars developed by Shakti Durga and others in Shanti Mission, can be applied and used in any religious or spiritual practice to help you go deeper and also, if you are interested, help you to find your own guru or teacher. We are not attached to who your guru is, whether it is Shakti Durga, any of the other advanced teachers in our school or a guru from a different path. Ultimately, you will need to trust your heart. It will tell you when you’ve found your guru or if you need to even look for one. It may hit you like a lightning bolt or develop gradually from a gentle respect for the teacher into a deeper sense of love – but at some point, you’ll know. The saying that ‘when the student is ready, the teacher will appear’ has great truth.

If you want to meet your guru, ask the Divine and be open to the response. There are things we can try to describe with words, but can only truly be understood through direct experience. If you’re curious, we encourage you to spend some time at an event with Shakti Durga, which are generally very devotional in focus. You may also want to explore other schools that use the guru tradition. We believe this tradition crosses the faiths and religions but may be called different things and come in different flavours. There are gurus in Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism and the many other faiths. As a multi-faith spiritual community, we teach that all guru are one, and we honour the Gurus and Masters of all traditions.

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