What about being vulnerable?

All great relationships create the context for us to be open and therefore vulnerable. That’s how we grow, develop and connect more deeply to one another, and is part of why we incarnate in the first place. However, a true Guru-Disciple relationship is based on mutual love and respect, rather than manipulation and control. We also teach that all gurus, including Shakti Durga or any of the senior teachers in Shanti Mission, must also be a disciple to something greater than themselves. We also have a strict code of conduct in our school for our teachers and leaders who are also subject to regular review and feedback. Shakti Durga, herself, is held accountable and receives ‘peer review’ from other gurus in our school and also other gurus she interacts with regularly. She regularly consults with her group of 13 senior disciples on major decisions or problems and asks them to lovingly challenge her thinking and approach. She also wants anyone in her organisation who has concerns to bring them to her attention or to another of the senior leaders.

The bottom line though, with any spiritual organisation, is to trust your heart and intuition. You can feel the difference right away if someone’s in their ego, rather than coming from a place of expanded awareness and unconditional love. Look at those around the guru because they are great indications of the guru’s teachings put into regular practice. If they are bright and shiny then it’s quite likely that you will also achieve this if you study with that guru long enough. You also should ‘road test’ the teachings and see if they make sense and actually work in your own life. Like any great coach, a true guru wants each student to fulfill his or her own unique potential. The guru’s job is to pull the disciple (spiritual student) up, and as the disciple advances, she helps push the guru to expand his or her own consciousness even further. For more on this visit Shakti Durga’s Disciple page and watch a video on the subject.

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