What are Blessings?

You may have seen a blessing being given or heard about this. A blessing is essentially a form of energy healing or energetic transfer of divine energy. Every blessing is different, depending on your needs at the time. It’s the job of the person giving the blessing, whether it’s Shakti Durga or anyone else in her school, to get out of the way and let the divine flow through them to assist the person receiving the blessing. Sometimes a blessing is about helping a person to expand their awareness and consciousness, sometimes a blessing is about helping the person let go of old stuck energy and sometimes a blessing comes through as unconditional, motherly love for the person being blessed to help them realise they are loved unconditionally by the divine. There are as many flavours of blessings as there are people in the world; the goal is to spiritually uplift the person being blessed and give them an energetic boost to transform and lift their life. Generally, a person will kneel before the person giving the blessing, which quite practically, simply makes it a lot easier to do the blessing then if the person is standing. The person giving the blessing puts their hand on the person’s head and starts the energetic flow from the divine. This can cause tingling, rushes of joy, crying, laughing or even physical shaking. The best thing to do is remain receptive, open and appreciative and try to clear the mind by just thinking ‘thank you.’ If you are in the room when someone is receiving a blessing, the best thing to do is send them love as this actually helps them and also some of the blessing will flow to you.

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