What’s the best way to learn more about Shakti Durga or bring a friend to learn more?

Satsangs are great places to start or bring friends (where music is a strong component) and public events with Shakti Durga and the other senior teachers. We also run meditations during the week at various locations throughout Australia. Keep in mind that any event with Shakti Durga is bound to be quite intense and very devotional and spiritually charged with energy. It might be better, and more ease and grace, to start with one of her other senior teachers.

What draws people to the school, in the first place, is quite unique and personal. People generally want to come along because they’re interested in trying guided meditation, attending a seminar, experiencing sacred music or to have a healing. In most cases, people start searching for a spiritual community during a major life change such as a move, divorce, illness (including depression), problems at work or they have an unending desire to discover ‘more’ out of life.

What we’ve found is most people who come to a class or retreat with Shakti Durga, whether they know it or not, are not beginners on the path. Most are looking to discover their own unique purpose or mission and find more peace in their life.  We are a school for people who want to realise their full Divine potential, connect to a spiritual community, be part of something bigger than themselves and serve the world to the best of their ability with their own unique gifts.  We do that with great love, respect, honour and interest in other spiritual paths and traditions.

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