Where do I begin?

Often, when we’re new to a spiritual community, we can feel a sense that everyone else is further along on this path than we are; they’re all in the midst of this beautiful Divine relationship and we’re not sure where to start or whether we even want to start!

Don’t worry, that’s perfectly normal. You are not being asked to ‘fall in love’ on the first date; there is no pressure or requirement to feel a particular way. These things have a way of unfolding in their own perfect timing as we maintain an attitude of love and respect and stay tuned into the heart. Spiritual development is not a sprint, it is a marathon that requires dedication and work. In fact, it’s fairly common for most new people to the school to feel an urge to ‘sprint’ right away. A slower and more balanced approach will allow you to maintain your stamina through tricky periods of growth and also be more ease and grace. Others feel torn between an urge to run away fast and stay within the school. This is normal as the ego fears giving up control to the divine. The ego wants us to stay small, to control everything in our life. If you feel like this, take a break and see how you feel, talk with a senior teacher or go for an Ignite Your Spirit healing to ensure this isn’t just natural resistance to growth and development. It’s a bit like going to the gym, or doing yoga. We often feel like giving up when it starts to get hard even though we know we can do more, but if we push through that resistance we feel great afterward.

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