Mystery School

The Mystery School series represents a deeper, more advanced path for seekers of enlightenment. Shakti Durga has drawn on a wide range of teachings and modalities to synthesise a rich cosmology of ancient wisdom and teachings in this series of insightful courses for advanced students.

Each seminar extends what was learned in the Path of Ease and Grace and explores ancient traditions through the eyes of multi-dimensional consciousness.

Mystery School (formerly known as Higher Guidance seminars) are only open to Path of Ease and Grace graduates who are Friends of Shanti Mission. Our Friends are the generous people who keep Shanti Mission going through their loving donation of money and regular service. This is not donation in respect of attendance at seminars or satsang, but selfless tithing to assist others to study. Please complete a Higher Guidance seminar application form and submit to the Abode of Peace Ashram reception ( to determine your eligibility to attend this series.

Life Beyond Form

This first seminar in the Mystery School series helps students to understand Kundalini, which is the primordial life force or Shakti that each person needs for life to exist.  As we awaken Kundalini, much that was previously hidden on the inner plane is revealed.


This course unlocks the door to our limitless potential through fiery experiences that crack the egg of our ordered lives. Using the ancient art of alchemy, the student’s physical, earthly life is infused with new and realised meaning. This course also teaches about the ancient ‘alchemists’ and reveals the true meaning of the alchemical gold. 

Kabbalah 1 & 2

The mystical basis of Judaism, the Kabalah, is a timeless multi-dimensional road map of wisdom.

Kabbalah 1

In this introduction to the Kabbalah you will be introduced to Jehovah and His four worlds. Students look at the tree of life, Jacob’s ladder, the symbology of the Star of David, and what it means to ascend and descend the The Pillars of the Tree of Life. Through these teachings, students learn a beautiful, elegant, ancient system for self analysis, self development, and a comprehensive method of bringing the grace and beauty of the mystical approach into everyday life.

Kabbalah 2

In this program, students look more deeply into the sephira, pathways within the Tree of Life. The seminar also looks at the major arcana of the tarot and its correspondences with the Kabbalah. The journey from being unaware to full enlightenment is described in the progression of the symbols contained in these cards and through the movement through the Tree of Life.


This seminar helps students to discover the wisdom, humour, humanity and profound insight of the Ancient Rishi’s, fathers of the vast collection of beliefs that is Hinduism. The depth and subtlety of understanding which has been preserved for thousands of years through the mythology of Hinduism is a brilliant tool for understanding the multi-dimensional universe as well as the course of human evolution. Students learn about the captivating stories that have been passed down for over 5,000 years and contain timeless wisdom concerning the nature of reality.

Spiritual Citizen

This seminar is based on the premise that a single spiritually empowered person can make a difference to life on Earth not only in his or her own life, but on a gigantic scale.  The Spiritual Citizen seminar reveals the amazing power of deliberate intent, as we will learn about the Goddess as Maya, and how to renovate her many mansions using the Path of Ease and Grace tools.

The Sacred Guru Tradition

This course introduces the Guru tradition, an unfamiliar method of spiritual growth and development in the west. The course looks at devotion and discipleship, golden keys to spiritual enlightenment. The care, protection, patient and guiding love of the Guru assists the disciple to gain enlightenment more quickly than through solitary study. The method is loving kindness and surrender, the outcome is awakened wisdom and power. The seminar looks at how this relationship works and the Guru tradition’s modern relevance is explored conceptually and through discourse and blessing.

Spiral Dynamics

There are many different kinds of people on Earth, ranging from simple subsistence farmers, to high tech super-city dwellers, industrialists to green conservationists. Spiral Dynamics offers a wonderful methodology through which we understand the many needs of the people on the Earth. We can examine ourselves with a view to discovering just how evolved our consciousness really is and how it can be improved. Spiral Dynamics is a system developed by Clare W Graves and made popular by Don Beck.

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