Las Vegas Appeal & Meditation


Wasn’t it sad today to wake up to the terrible events that occurred in Las Vegas.  Having just spent a week with fifty people doing healings, activations and meditations for peace; it is a shock to have such violence portrayed on every television and radio station.  And it is closer to home than usual for us, because Shiva and I will be arriving in Las Vegas tomorrow, visiting friends as part of a holiday together. I know we will be praying and meditating for peace while we are there.

The first thing to do is to fully support those who have been directly affected by the events. Times like this bring out the best in front line services personnel, friends, family and strangers alike.  I listened with gratitude to the address to the nation by President Trump, in which he called upon us all to pray for those affected, and spoke of how the love of an entire nation will help bring unity and bring forth the best in shared values. So good to hear people in public office speaking of love and unity!

We hear of so many tragedies, so much violence, it is easy to harden our hearts, quickly forgetting about this and other tragedies. Instead, why don’t we feel this, and use all of our spiritual tools, healing methods and prayers to ask the Divine to intervene in the best way possible, to enable this horrible event to be a catalyst for good. Sometimes it is only through adversity that real change occurs, and we all lift permanently into another way of thinking and being.

And maybe it’s time for there to be a proper discussion about the licensing and appropriate limitation of access to fire arms, at least automatic and semi-automatic guns? This is not the first horrific mass gun slaying. Perhaps it might be the catalyst for change. After Australia changed its gun laws in 1996 after a terrible mass shooting, gun violence dropped remarkably. For ten years there was not a single mass shooting episode, and it is thought that at least 200 lives per year have been saved by the measures taken.

Let’s hold a vision of peace, and ask that the people of Las Vegas, the families and loved ones of the people killed and injured be blessed and that somehow, much that is good will come of this.

Shakti Durga

You can access recordings of Shakti Durga’s guided peace meditations on the Facebook group: Unified Peace Meditations.

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