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Q: Why do we love people and people can‘t always love us back?

A: To me love is a complex equation, with many ways to look at it. When we love someone, it is not always for rational reasons, it is because our heart is reaching out to that person. There is something about the energy, and the soul connection between us that is urging us to move closer. However the beloved may have other complications going on in their lives, the timing may not be right, or the relationship may not be a romantic one at all. Let’s face it, we cannot always have the specific thing we want.

Being open to receive love is also a very big issue. Our minds may tell us that we are definitely open to receive love, but our energy field may be telling quite a different story. So might our heart. We may be frightened about trusting. We may doubt our self worth. We may be fearful of commitment, and perhaps part of us doesn’t want to be in a relationship, just as much as the more conscious part does. When it’s a battle between our conscious and unconscious self about creating something we would like in the world, the unconscious generally always wins!

It could also be that destiny has another person in mind for you, and that this person would not bring you the love and life that you can create with someone else. I think that the ‘chemistry’ between people who mutually fall in love is established by the souls long before the physical selves meet.

When we are lonely and a bit needy, it is hard to find ‘the one’ (or anyone for that matter!) The more content we become in our lives, and the more joy and fulfilment we find, the more attractive we become. So, find the joy in being you, and start with healthy self-love.


Shakti Durga

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