The Practical Life Skill called Intuition

The other day I went to Coles (an Australian supermarket) and bought a few things. I generally prefer to line up and be served by a human, however the line was so long and I was in a hurry, so I went for the served by a robot, self serve option. After laboriously trying to find bar codes and so forth I got to the end, and then wanted $200 cash out. I put that in, to be told the machine only gave out $100. So, I said yes to $100, took the money, grabbed the receipt and left.

On the way home I had an uneasy feeling about the transaction, and had a strong feeling I needed to look at the receipt. Upon arriving home I found that I had been charged for $200 cash out even though I had only received $100. Thank you intuition! I got straight onto the phone and the friendly person on the phone told me that I just need to bring my receipt in and they will refund me. Fingers crossed! So not only is intuition a practical life skill, it can be a way of helping our abundance as well!

Namaste, Shakti Durga

Intuition, Shakti Durga

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