Vision Groups

Vision Groups have been established to support the transformation and visioning for higher consciousness in a range of key societal areas including the environment, health, politics, education and more.

You can participate and access Vision Group meditations no matter where you are in the world.

Download one of the many clearing, transformational and visioning meditations. The more people that do these meditations the easier positive societal change will become.

Founded in the pillar of ‘100% responsibility’ we will reclaim our creative power and vision a world with more peace and harmony. Releasing judgement and owning our shadow around topics that create disharmony in our world, we will apply the consciousness shifting tools of the Path of Ease and Grace to vision and pray for changes within our selves and on behalf of the human collective.

If your heart has ever felt a yearning for more compassion in the world to bring about humanitarian changes, now is the time to contribute your energy to uphold and share this vision.

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