Good Deep Rest

Good Deep Rest

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“When you sleep your consciousness merges with your energy system and the focus is on healing and restoration, not just physically, but energetically as well. We go into a different part of ourselves; an ancient soulful part of self where we regenerate; where we process our day, we contemplate and we wake up often feeling inspired. We need good deep rest or we don’t go so well.”

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Good Deep Rest (36:12)

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Shakti Durga leads us in a healing meditation for good deep rest so we can be refreshed, revitalized and re-attuned for the optimal life we’d like to be leading. This is not a progressive muscular relaxation; it goes much deeper. We release all the things that could hinder our sleep: excess stimuli, worry, stress, areas of tightness, discomfort and pain. Shakti Durga then guides us in becoming aware of our energy body through an ancient approach used by the Egyptians so we can open to have more energy, radiance, clarity and vitality in our life.

Recorded at Satsang in Henley on 6th of August, 2017

This is a live recording and may contain sounds from the audience and surrounding environment.

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