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Shakti DurgaShakti Durga is a gifted and engaging public speaker. As a master energy healer and spiritual teacher, she provides insights and wisdom through stories of her life and work, with a frankness and honesty that  is accessible and entertaining. She exudes humility, simplicity and authenticity that engages and moves audiences. She sparks curiosity, ignites the spirit and inspires people  to believe that life transformation is not only possible, but that we have the tools to achieve this in our  hands.

One of the main aims of her work is to share her understanding that human beings have an ‘energy body’ as well as a physical body. Pain of all kinds – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual – is held in our energy field and if we can learn to connect with this energy body, understand it and take care of it, then we can lead healthier, happier, more peaceful and more fulfilling lives.

Shakti Durga lives a peace-filled life now and helps others to do the same. She is also devoted to her students and disciples and finds great joy in assisting others to reach their full potential.  “One of the teacher’s most important roles is to lift people and open their hearts. One of my greatest aspirations is to help my students grow and outshine me.”

Her articles (or articles about her) have been published in numerous magazines including  Living Now, Your Destiny, Good Medicine Magazine, Insight, Energetic Healers Association magazine, The Times of India – Speaking Tree, G’day Magazine India, and many others.

Media work has included:

  • TV8  – Good Morning Vail, USA
  • Regular speaking spot on Radio 2GB with Steve Murphy on Saturday evenings
  • Regular radio with Lindy Burns on ABC radio Newcastle
  • ABC radio throughout Australia
  • Radio – 2NUR FM Newcastle
  • Radio – 2SM Sydney
  • Community Radio Hornsby
  • Community Radio Hills District – Alive 90.5
  • Numerous television appearances:
  • Film documentary ‘altruism’
  • Film documentary ‘Love me love you’

Shakti Durga lives in Cooranbong (one hour north of Sydney). She has two children, and a wonderful life partner, Shiva Kata Tjuta.

She is a lively and engaging speaker for small and large audiences. She can tailor her talks to suit any audience, duration, venue and conference theme.

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Highlights from the main stage at the 2018 Sydney MBS Festival:

Teaching in China 2018:
Shakti Durga, Energy Healer in China

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