Srinivasa Temple Consecration

Namaste and Greetings From Sri Sakthi AMMA’s Peedam, Tamil Nadu India.

It is an exciting time here, with the preparations for the new Srinivasa Visnhu temple opening underway. The temple, which resides in the Sri Puram complex, has been under construction for over a year. It will be a beautiful addition to the Sripuram Golden Temple, where the main energy and Deity is Lakshmi Narayani. Lord Vishnu in the form of Sri Srinivasa came down from Vaikunda (Heaven) in search of his consort Sri Mahalakshmi. He has found his consort in Sripuram Golden temple.

The temple is being constructed with complete attention to detail in the ancient South Indian style. It has been a wonderful experience watching the temple come to life under the skill of so many craftsmen working through the grace of AMMA. The temple is now painted in many vibrant colours and has numerous motifs representing Vishnu in his many forms and incarnations, including Sri Krisnha, Rama, Vamana and the other avatars of Lord Vishnu.

Last year Shakti Durga and a group of devotees were present when the first puja was conducted in the temple, which was still largely a construction site at this time. Sri Sakthi AMMA performed mangala Narayani puja on this day and from then on the energy has been building on the site.

More recently the murti (enlivened statue) of presiding deity Srinivasa Vishnu, arrived to Peedam after the final carving of the face and other details were made under Sakthi AMMA’s guidance. Vishnu was paraded around the temple before being greeted by AMMA with a puja that took place on the back of the truck. Vishnu was then taken to the ghoshalla (cow shelter) where the statue has undergone Vedic ceremonial preparations involving being submerged in various baths of auspicious items and pujas being performed to call forth more of the energy of Vishnu into the murti (to enliven the statue further).

Sri Sakthi AMMA offering food to the murti of Vishnu

Sri Sakthi AMMA offering food to the murti of Vishnu in the arrival ceremony.

Sri Sakthi AMMA performs aarti to 9.5 foot Vishnu murti

Sri Sakthi AMMA offering to Vishnu who is submerged in the rose bath.

Sri Sakthi AMMA offering to Vishnu who is submerged in the rose bath.

Sri Sakthi AMMA offering to Vishnu who is submerged in the rose bath.

Simultaneously the golden yantra (geometrical design on a golden plate) has been prepared and energised by AMMA through daily pujas in the form of yagam (fire ceremony) and abhiskhmam (bathing ceremony).

Sri Sakthi AMMA performing abhishekam to the Vishnu Yantra.

Sri Sakthi AMMA decorating the Vishnu Yantra

Sri Sakthi AMMA decorating the Vishnu Yantra

The yantra is the main energy point in the temple and will be housed under the presiding deity. There is now so much energy in the yantra that a coconut (which is conductive of the spiritual energy) stands upright when held and the devotees walk past the yantra. See the video link.

The devotees have had the blessing to attend some of these yantra pujas. The masculine energy of Vishnu is so strong and clearly different to the feminine energy of Narayani. It has been a new experience to feel this much energy of Vishnu and to see Sakthi AMMA embody more of this flavour of the Divine as AMMA performs these ceremonies. It feels like a beautiful marriage of the Divine feminine and masculine within and without.

Tomorrow (Dec 5), daily, yagams (fire ceremonies) will beginning in the Srinivasa Vishnu temple to build the energy further and a grand parade from the nearby town Vellore has been planed for Dec 7th. The largely energised Srinivasa murti of Lord Vishnu will make his way to Sripuram in a grand manor with dancing troupes, elephants and music, and lots of sweet Prasad given to thousands.

The main consecration ceremony will take place in the morning of Dec 9. Following the final yagam (fire ceremony) the Kalasam (pots holding the blessed water from the mantras and energy of the fire ceremony) will be used to consecrate the temple and Sri Sakthi AMMA will perform abhishekham on the installed murti of Vishnu and bless everyone. It will be a sight to behold and anyone who tunes in with love will be sure to share in the energy and blessings.

Devotees around the world will be tuning in, and in Australia a celebration day will be held at the Abode of Peace, Cooranbong with Shakti Durga, Srinivasa Temple Celebrations Starting at 10am. We are also hoping to connect with the broadcast of celebrations direct from Peedam, and hope you can join Shakti Durga and her senior teachers for this special day.

Love and blessings

Jagatambe Narayani (Shakti Durga’s senior teacher, currently based at Sri Sakthi Amma’s Peedam, Southern India)


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