Team Kerwin Rae & Shakti Durga

My friend Kerwin Rae has launched an amazing podcast called ‘Unstoppable‘ where he’s interviewed many successful people about how to move through challenges and become Unstoppable! I had a great time chatting with him, so I hope you’ll enjoy the episode.

It was also real pleasure to be interviewed by Kerwin’s team last year about my life journey and the development of Shanti Mission. Read interview.

If you’re interested in any of the books or other meditation resources mentioned in this article, you can find a rich library of inspired books, CDs and card decks in the online shop. A great place to start is the 28 Jewels program which you can download and do at your own pace.

Or connect with me online or in-person at my FREE Masterclass, The Light Within. There’s an online class on Wed 20 Feb, as well as two events in Sydney on the weekend: South Sydney Sat 23 Feb, and Henley on Sunday 24 Feb.

The Light Within, Shakti Durga

I also recently had the great joy of facilitating some energy healing, lift and transformation sessions for the K-Team (Kerwin’s team) with some of our energy healers and musicians. Please get in touch (select ‘Business Consulting’) if you’d like to run similar sessions for yourselves, businesses, teams or projects.

It was an inspired, joyous, fun and transformational experience to connect with such talented and generous individuals who are keen to make a difference in the world, open to new techniques and experiences for supporting both themselves, each other, and the businesses they serve.

Team Kerwin Rae and Shakti Durga




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