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Waking Up More Love, USA Retreat, September 2017 with Shakti Durga

Recently I attended a week-long retreat with Shakti Durga in the mountains in Colorado, U.S.A. We gathered there to do some lifting and shifting of consciousness for the collective. It was a remarkable time; a rich feast for the soul, and a safe and supportive space for personal and collective transformation. Each day the container of the group deepened through connection, music, chanting, blessings, teachings, healing, ceremony and ritual.

Shakti Durga has a unique gift for creating a safe and joyful space that allows a softening and relaxation of your being, so that shifts can occur. Fear falls away, creating an opening for Grace to flow. It is really quite remarkable! There was also plenty of opportunity for integration of the teachings and healing through large and small group work, allowing a more embodied experience to unfold on a personal level.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the space that was created in this gathering, where “growing up” and “waking up” was gently held for each person, so that the emergence of something new could take place.

Thank you to Shakti Durga and the retreat team for a beautiful week!
Cindy, Canada

My heart has been opened and my awareness of myself and others has been enhanced.  The location, teachers, teachings and experiences were so amazing and I would highly recommend Shakti Durga Retreats.
Bruce, Queensland, Australia

I arrived exhausted physically, emotionally and mentally after 6 extraordinarily difficult weeks. This week has been a continuous gift of support, love and the refilling of all my batteries through meditation/clearings/releases. It has been safe for me to grieve or rejoice, and the focus on larger world service and smaller immediate service opportunities has pulled me up, lifted me up, from my deep grief and stress. Thank you, thank you, thank you. My soul is so deeply grateful.
MH, Oceanside USA

Any retreat run by Shakti Durga (and her helpers) is worth attending but this retreat with the theme of Waking Up More Love, and to more joy,  was outstanding. The quality of the venue, content and the attendees were all more than satisfying. I leave feeling stronger and even more loving than before. My vibration has been raised and I have made new friends and had new experiences. I thoroughly recommend Shanti Mission events as well run valuable experiences.
JS, Sydney, Australia

Be prepared for transformation if you come to a retreat. If you are prepared, if it is what you want for your life and your way of being in the world, you will receive insights, support and the full potential of a new world.
SF, Boulder USA

I found my spiritual family…I am rising up to my Native American spirit name and creating my future with unbridled love, passion, compassion, acceptance, community, empowerment, inspiration, abundance, limitless possibilities, generous communication to be the difference in the world. I’ve never felt more alive, in my own power, heart chakra continually expanding, and shifting in ways I never knew possible. So grateful and bursting with love of what is possible!
DG, Denver USA

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Finding the Throne of the Queen of Heaven, France Retreat, May 2017 with Shakti Durga

If you feel interested in doing a Shakti Durga / Shanti Mission retreat, then follow your intuition! I found this retreat to be much more than I could possibly have imagined. The location was wonderful, the accommodation and food was good and plentiful respectively. I have marvelled at how every one of the retreat participants was exactly who we needed to complete our retreat goals. It was amazing that 30 people could all work so well together. The retreat admin was beautifully managed by staff. I felt I was in very safe and capable hands. The meditations and the retreat generally I woul thoroughly recommend to anyone who felt draw to the experience.
Helen, NSW, Australia

I found this retreat a profoundly moving and uplifting experience. There was a hugh downpouring of Divine Mother energy which was almost overwhelming at times. My intuition is that I have received so much new learning that it will take a few months for it all to flow in and settle. I am deeply grateful to Shakti Durga and the retreat team for this blissful time. I am truly blessed.
Janice, Scotland

This retreat surpassed all my hopes and dreams for entering into the heart of the Magdalene, Isis and the sacred mysteries. The hotel with its river and gardens was the perfect backdrop. The blend of guided excursions – expertly managed – with wonderfully expansive meditations and a deep understanding of the mysteries was exactly the right blend.
Wende, NSW, Australia

This was a wonderful, inspirational retreat, not so large as to lose its intimacy. Great to have gone to different sites to experience the energy and all this region has to offer. We were well supported by staff and Shakti Durga.
Susan, NSW, Australia

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Bali Retreat, March 2017 with Parvati Sundari & Bhadra Kali

A profound experience of being fully immersed in a sea of love, so much loving support, exquisite kindness and consideration for our every need. The focus on our body and soul in a beautiful country – Bali was gently nurturing us allowing Divine Mother to wash through our beings like the gentle persuasive coaxing action of a loving mother only intent on the total best for her child. Day by day we cleared and let go in a gentle and totally supported manner which by the conclusion our hearts, minds and souls are forever changed. A delicately crafted ‘makeover’ – a feeling I don’t want to end.
Victoria, Sydney, Australia

I feel that I have gained a lot of knowledge and exerience about how I an love and nurture myself outside of the retreat because of the discourses, activities and the sharing throughout the retreat. This retreat has also expanded my consciousness to show me where I wasn’t loving and nurturing myself and for all of that I am grateful.
Leigh, Australia

This retreat was the most beautiful opportunity to explore deeply into ourselves, totally surrounded by the gentleness, love and reverence of Bali. Parvati Sundari blazed so much light and supported us in the most profound way to dive so deep into our conscious and sub-conscious selves and lifted us into realisation and liberation. Bhadra Kali was an amazing support for Parvati Sundari, holding the energy and doing much work with the retreat group, helping them and holding them in such a tender embrace and felt so good her being present. It was an amazingly deep retreat that was beautifully transformational.
Brett, Maitland, Australia

This retreat has helped me go deeply into my internal landscape to see the blockages and areas of work that I need to do and to love, nurture and honour myself as the beautiful goddess that I am. I have also been able to get in touch with my inner child for the first time in an authentic way and even visualize her! This I feel is going to help me immensely as I continue on my spiritual path. Feeling so much more in touch with my authentic self an loving this feeling. Invaluable teachings.
Debbie, NSW,  Australia

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USA Retreats, February 2017 with Shakti Durga

Feeling of love and community that almost gets instantly created is amazing. I am so grateful to be a part of it. T. Jankowski, Norwalk, USA

Shanti Mission retreats have been the only situations where I have been able to go deep, with safety, joy and liberation. Amazing teachings, wonderful experiences, uniquely special.
M. Coombe, VIC, Australia

I highly recommend spending time with Shakti Durga and her team. Her gifts of wisdom, truth, authenticity and transparency are life-affirming and like no other.
K. Ward, San Diego, USA

Shanti Mission has totally changed my life.
A. Gonzales, Carlsbad, USA

These retreats have changed my life forever. I now have tools to make my life whatever I wish it to be.
V. Renford, Fort Collins, USA

I would highly recommend these retreats to anyone who is looking to enlighten their life and expand self-awareness and realisation. I’m so grateful and blessed to have participated in this retreat.
T. Leduc, Okotoks, Canada

Delighted and amazed to experience a deepening of love and understanding of the golden Christ path in Shanti Mission during this retreat.
C. Benedict, Colorado, USA

This retreat has been the most incredible experience. I met and spent time with so many wonderful people. The content was exactly what I needed. I truly feel like a new person and feel like I’m a part of this wonderful community.
S. Truino, Southport, USA

Shakti Durga is a brilliant, hilarious teacher who boils down infinite cosmic mysteries to clear, easy to grasp practical teachings. Her love, genius and hilarity are as rare as lightening in a bottle. She is God’s gift to spiritual seekers who have been lost in the desert without water or a map. Instant Oasis! The music is the perfect complement to marry head and heart so it goes in and sticks.
S. Filan   Connecticut USA

As with all of Shakti Durga’s retreats, this retreat was full of richness in material and depth. The teachings are transformational and easily brought into application in personal life. The amount of growth in one 4 day retreat is incredible. Shakti Durga taught with grace and beauty, her vast love and wisdom helped us to weave the light and dark of our own lives and find the gold within ourselves.
S. North, Connecticut USA

What a joy and privilege to be able to step into this fountain of bliss, to feel my soul blossom, my mind transcent, my life and self pulled ever closer to the Divine. What a delicious place of laughter, love, knowledge, insight, brilliance, awakening, comforting, support and challenge.
M. Howe, Oceanside USA

The retreat opened me to new experiences and points of view. I felt expanded and lighter and I felt more love for myself and others.
Anonymous, USA

High level teachings, expansive meditations and inspirational music and loads of bliss.
S. Whitzell, Carlsbad, USA

This was my first formal introduction to Shanti Mission. I instantly felt welcomed and at ease. I found this retreat informative and life changing. I am excited to begin my journey with my soul family.
K. McMullen, Westlake Village, USA

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The Golden Grace of Lakshmi Narayani, India 2016
with Maitreya & Jagatambe Narayani

Shanti Mission Retreats are heart opening spiritual journeys which help and support me to connect with the Divine on a deep level. I feel that those who lead the retreat exactly know/perceive what I need to do, the very next step. I feel deep gratitude for this wisdom and gentle guidance. I also very much enjoyed the group and the participants as they live the Shanti Mission flavour on a daily basis mingled with loads of love, devotion and fun. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti. – B Hinger, Austria

Visiting Peedam and Shakti Amma is magnificent in itself, add to that a Shanti Mission retreat with our glorious golden being teachers and all the grace and blessings from Amma increase and intensify. Through the community of a Shanti Mission retreat at Peedam I transform even more rapidly, feeling greater unity, joy and bliss! The blessings we received through Jagatambe Narayani and Maitreya (merged with Amma) love, grace, upon grace, upon grace. More love than I’ve ever known. This retreat exceeded all expectations. Jai Maa!! – J Atherton, UK

Meeting Amma and experiencing the temple, puja, star path, Sripuram in the loving and supportive care of Maitreya and Jagatambe Narayani (and the whole group) made for a safe, healing and massive expansive experience for my whole being. To have soul family here and the amazing tools of our school to support ourselves and each other made everything more ease and grace and ultimately vastly rich. Each day held numerous miracles and just when you thought it couldn’t get any better another mind blowing soul, heart explosion would happen. Om Namo Narayani, Om Sri Shakti Durga. – K Forest, Australia

I love attending Shanti Mission retreats in Peedam. I feel I receive wonderful guidance and support from Shanti Mission teachers and retreat leaders and also enjoy the many divine delights of Peedam. I experience deep transformation and life changing experiences and blessings and I love meeting and connecting with the retreat participants. – C Curran, Australia

Waking Up the Goddess Retreat, San Diego USA, 2016 with Shakti Durga

Absolutely love it!  The higher level teachings expanded my consciousness and the amazing pujas opened my heart to the Divine even more than ever.  Please come back soon!! – D. San Diego

Seriously amazing! – A.B. San Diego

What an amazing blissful Shakti filled week!  I am filled to bursting with everything good.  This was truly a transformational week. – J. San Diego

I feel thoroughly enriched.  Such love, depth, wisdom, devotion and so much more.  I feel proud and inspired to be a part of this empowering spiritual community. – S.D. San Diego

This retreat was life-changing and felt like it expanded my awareness exponentially.  Shakti Durga’s wisdom and connection to the Divine is imparted magically to the participants.  I am eternally grateful for this experience and for the transformation I feel. – N. San Diego

This has been an amazing retreat.  So very glad I was able to attend.  There has been so much to learn and so much loving energy.  A very positive experience all round. – P.D. Canada

I feel enlightened, enlivened, transformed, empowered and inspired.  The teachings were alchemical, meditations magical and blessings were divine. – P.D. San Diego

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Shakti Durga’s USA Tour, 2015

I was with Shakti Durga here in Colorado, for 13 days & with her again in Connecticut for 5 days. In Colorado, I could actually see people’s souls awaken in her presence. It was beautiful! They were ‘blown away’ by the initiation, blessings, Shakti Durga’s wisdom, compassion and authenticity during the laya yoga and the Empowering Relationships 1 workshop. Thanks to Shakti Durga, we now have a real Shanti Mission community in Colorado. Om Guru! Om Namo Narayani. – L.A. Colorado

Guru’s visit here to Connecticut was amazing. I haven’t seen her in person for a year. And this was spectacular.  Our Connecticut community was cozy in a fire puja and abhishekeim, and then we attended a talk at the Graduate Insitute where there was no established Shanti Mission community. There was a unique satsang that included teachings of the Tree of Life, then Dimensions of Wealth 1, and group healings. Every event was so beautiful and so different. And Guru was phenomenal. There was a huge feeling of community in every event. Blessed beyond words. – S. Connecticut

This was my first live meeting with Guru, live and up close. We had met before in India, but we did not have a chance to spend any significant time together.  She is so gentle and holds so much compassion.  She is also giving non stop of herself, her time, her love, her attention, her support, her knowledge, her wisdom.  Such energy and such devotion.  She was approachable and pleasant.  I was amazed as how much people were drawn to her and how comfortable they felt in her presence.  She is able to relate with others at a soul level such that there is only love and unity.  I wish I had met her earlier.  We also had the pleasure to be with Arjuna and Gayatri.  They are also amazing and so much fun to be with.  Beautiful souls… – M. Connecticut

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Shakti Durga Retreats, 2014

Visiting Shakti Amma’s Peedam is a life transforming experience as the energy (shakti) is so potent and refined.  I have had many peak experiences of the shakti there in sessions with Shakti Durga.  It was also such a blessing to have the support of Shakti Durga and Shanti Mission to help me integrate and understand these peak experience.  I don’t think  would have been able to have these experiences without that support I highly recommend going to Peedam with Guru. – A.S. Sydney

Strength of the Soul Retreat, Peedam India 2014 with Shakti Durga

I am so grateful to Shakti Durga for bringing us to Amma. Such love, so heart opening. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Om Guru, On Namo Narayani – P.B

I loved being with Shakti Durga whilst she was with her Guru. Experiencing Amma is like nothing else. – K.D

Deep transformative inner changes & realizations that will last forever, so grateful. – J.D

This retreat has been life changing & has enabled me to have multiple break throughs. Om Shakti Durga, Om Amma! My life has transformed & I feel ready to serve humanity at even greater levels. – H.H

Life transforming, beautiful, blissful & I can’t wait for the next opportunity to come to Peedham with Shakti Durga to be with Amma in her presence in this highly charged bliss beyond form! Much love to all the group! – C.H

It was brilliantly organised & wonderful to feel supported, even having the dishes washed for us! The notice board was a great idea. I felt safe & always able to ask someone if I was not ok. – L.M
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Cosmic Mother Retreat, Peedam India 2013 with Shakti Durga

Retreats organised by Shakti Durga, get better & better in my experience. The retreats are thoughtfully & considerately created with structure, compassion & service at their heart, this feels evident to me – learning, guidance and the best outcome for the individual are its core. Thank you.

Incredible retreat.  The Ashram was beyond expectation the accommodation and food was excellent. The experience of Sri Shakti Amma & the temples were beyond words – life changing. Turned my world inside out & upside down! Thank you Shakti Durga for bringing us here & thank you Ganga for putting this all together.

Retreats are great opportunities to expand into ever greater realisations of unity, love & wisdom. Gratitude for the amazing opportunity to be so close to Divine Mother incarnate. Thank you.

Initiates Retreat 2013 with Shakti Durga

I’ve never felt safer and more loved for an entire week than I have been during this retreat.

I found profound healing. I felt loved & supported through every process. I feel more love & joy. Life just keeps getting better. Om Guru.

An incredible experience of transformation, insight, fun, love, laughter & tears. Thank you so much for creating such a safe & loving environment for me to go within & free myself. Namaste, much love.

A retreat with Shakti Durga is the best gift I’ve ever given to myself. It’s the ultimate experience of self love & the gift that ‘keeps on giving.’  Om Guru. I am eternally grateful.

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Retreats with Shakti Durga

These retreats have changed my life. I feel as though I have released a lifetime of emotional pain and baggage that I have been trying to release for 10 years through counselling and various other workshops and seminars. These retreats hold me in unconditional love and peace which allowed me to heal these emotional wounds. Thank you Shakti Durga for showing me that I do have the strength to let go of the past, heal and become more empowered and joy filled in my life!

I loved this retreat. There was a spirit of community and deep love.  It transmitted all barriers in age, color, religion, race or creed. There was healing on all levels.

The retreat was completely transforming.  I came back a new person. Day 1 I was planted, I started to sprout and grow during the retreat. When I returned home I saw how I had blossomed into a beautiful flower.  Now the most important part is to keep watering the flower daily with all the tools and exercises I learned.


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