A 10 week online program that serves as the entry point into the wonders of Shakti Durga’s Mystery School… 

The Initiates Path

– A doorway to embodied, eternal sacredness and wisdom.

Enter into the imaginal world of beauty and truth known to the Ancient light bearers, and known already in our innermost hopes and dreams.

By voyaging into the sacred, we come back refreshed and renewed, re-enthused and revitalised. New doorways hitherto invisible to our eyes start to appear, and life takes on a new shine. The old starts to drop away. At times we have a battle with our ego, which is attached to the old ways, even when they were productive of pain. This battle within is hard fought, but you will have help.

The deep spiritual path has to be experienced to be understood. And, you are warmly invited. Entry into a mystery school is an amazing opportunity to enliven your soul connection and find answers to profound questions. It is not possible to describe how your journey will unfold, but for everyone, there is a quickening of consciousness that enables experiences that may take lifetimes to manifest without the requisite instruction and practice.

Details:  Online Course

Duration: 10 weeks

Start Date: 2 Sep, 2023

Sessions: 10 x 3.5 hr sessions

Teacher:  Shakti Durga

Classes: 8-11:30am (Sydney)

We invite you to…

  • Partake in mystical teachings delivered with sublime ParaShakti (Holy Spirit) that transform as they enlighten and enliven
  • Embark upon a transformative journey, to go further into oneness and ecstacy, empowerment and love on your unique and sacred spiritual path.
  • Navigate safely the inner corridors of light and sound, protected by the Holy Beings of Love of the East and West.
  • Perceive the song of your soul with greater clarity, humility and awe and take your life’s plan to the next level of conscious embodiment
  • Enjoy a real spiritual pathway of self-realisation that incorporates transcendence, bliss, sacred music and heart, and brings it into physical realisation with pristine consciousness and grace
  • Be ‘love on legs’ in the practical day to day workings of your world.
Mystery school is a place for those who feel an inner calling to become the ‘hollow bone’ or ‘Krishna’s flute’ through which the Divine can sing the song of time and creation, to bring forth a new golden age even amid the turmoil of our current Worldly existence. It is for the spiritual empowerment of people who want to merge ever more deeply with the Divine, serve others and make life on Earth better for all.  It is also a pathway to a different future, not just in this life but in lives yet to come.

Get ready to contemplate, illuminate and fly on wings of love into an experience of union and bliss.

Calling to the spiritual seeker, the lover of nature, light, Earth, colour and sound. We call your awakening participatory presence in the dance of creation. Life is a mystery and we are here to unravel and savour this precious gift. Within the currents of creation, we can harvest the blessings of the higher vibrational road, alchemising lead into gold and awakening to Christ/Krishna consciousness.

What lies within and beyond our current awareness is vast. Discover it for yourself on this sacred pathway.

Are you…

  • looking for a dedicated spiritual path, with spiritual seekers who are not tied to one narrow tradition but embrace the Ancient wisdom from diverse traditions?
  • seeking a path that helps you to find your own unique essence, honing your gifts and talents, spirit and soul into exultation and self realisation?
  • looking for an inclusive spiritual community that comes together in a spirit of enquiry, devotion, play and joy? Who help each other over the bumps in the road?
  • seeking what lies beyond the limiting confines of the mind, finding the sacred path of the awakened heart and soul?
  • interested in activating your latent potential to expand your consciousness and play your part in the unfolding plan of peace?
  • willing to learn, grow, transform and enter into the sacred mysteries?

We are calling to those who have a yearning to go beyond the view of the apparent world and to explore the world of the spirited soul. To those who enjoy the feeling of authentic spiritual transmission and opening to that which is timeless, boundlessly creative, inspiring and whose beingness is love.

Join us for this 10 week entry point into the wonders of… Mystery School.

Why this Mystery School?

Mystery School with Shakti Durga is an ever growing garden of self-realisation, lovingly bringing exalted change to the spirit and soul of participants. With the tools, activated shakti and exalted intention, relationships become easier and more loving, mindset is lighter and clearer, self-love is easier and capacity to perceive the Divine stronger.

Along the way we will release ties that bind us to a small version of self, and navigate the transformation into the full activation of our higher self, here on Earth. This is a safe place to awaken into the cultivation of the Golden Light of Christ Consciousness. We do this using Vedic, Tantric, Kabbalistic and Shamanic methods, as well as through the use of individual and group energy healing.
This is not a theoretical school although there are enormously helpful and supportive dharma teachings.

It is a school of Shakti, Holy Spirit, bringing alive the Sacred Shekinah and supporting the awakening to a whole new awareness of consciousness, bliss and beingness. We then naturally want to help and serve others. That service is enlivened and empowered through mystical means.

Music from many traditions makes our journey all the more joyful. Singing, chanting, laughing, overcoming loss and fear, falling into each other and through unity, finding more love than we ever thought possible.

Much of what happens in a mystery school is non-verbal. The changes happen through energetic transmission or Shakti Pat. This is given through Shakti Durga and her senior team particularly during our 8 annual opportunities for activation, centred around world ceremonies and festivals.

Awaken your heart and imagining to the more sacred and empowering realities that flow from the source.

We aim to put structure and form into that which is previously only held within as a distantly remembered dream. This is an invitation to drink from the well of bliss and prepare for a more spirited and soulful life, lived on all levels in the most profoundly meaningful, abundantly and beautiful way.

About Shakti Durga

Shakti Durga began her career as a trial attorney and practiced law for nearly 20 years. From her early 30’s she has studied deeply of the healing arts, the Vedas, Tantras, Upanishads, Western Alchemy, Christ consciousness, Kabbalah, Tarot, Astrology, sacred sound, mantras of diverse traditions, indigenous wisdom and more. She sees the universal truth in all these diverse paths and honours people of all traditions, belief systems and spiritual pathways. She has been blessed by sacred masters in Bali, Philippines, India and Australia, and has developed clairvoyance and clairaudience, clairsentience and clear knowing, none of which she believed in when she was a ‘sensible left brained lawyer’. She runs an international mystery school and school of energy healing, and has charities in Australia and USA dedicated to wellbeing and spiritual education for all.
As well as an extensive awareness of the Ancient wisdom, Shakti Durga tunes into the heart and soul of those present and reaches deep to bring forth unique gatherings arising from the collective consciousness of those involved. People often remark that they thought the seminar was “just for me!”.

Author of 5 books and numerous meditation and mantra CD’s Shakti Durga is hilarious and brings lightness of heart and the beauty of sound and nature into everything she does.

“When I forget who I am I think I am facilitating a program. I am your guide, a mother, a healer, a musician. When I remember who I am, we are one. That’s the big ride, the journey into our truth, into a love that is so richly hued and deeply experienced that words cannot convey it. Come and feel our oneness, even for a moment, then share that treasure with your beloved tribe, for the rest of your life.”

– Shakti Durga

What We Cover…

The orientation program “The Initiates Path” is a way to prepare people to come into the electrifying uplifting transforming and exalting energy of the mystery school. The people already in the school create a vortex of energy that uplifts and holds, but we still need to know how to navigate it.

You will learn through 10 weekly sessions online, each of approximately 3.5 hours (maybe longer or shorter depending upon Divine program).


In 10 weeks you will:



What are the 12 Spiritual Laws and how can they help you evolve and gain momentum on the spiritual path?



Learn what the 8 Pillars of Mystery School are, their importance and how they provide strength and safety.


Explore the most effective way to work with a Spiritual Master and how to avoid common pitfalls.



Work through any past traumas you have encountered on the spiritual path, in this or past lives.


Move from duality consciousness to participation in the unified field in a more conscious way.



Get to know the Holy Archangels Michael Raphael, Uriel and Gabriel, The Christ Consciousness, Mother Durga, Saraswati, and the great Parameshwari (Holy Spirit).


How to work with a lineage to power up your experience as a spiritual aspirant.



You will also learn about other programs Shakti Durga and the team offer, and why they are important to help you climb the spiritual mountain
And much more…

Our path is inclusive and colourful, has many options for practices that might suit your personality, as well as specific times of the year when we all practice certain things together, to ’slice and dice’ our consciousness into more acute awareness, expansion, bliss, love and flow.

This program will change your idea of reality, change you and change your life.

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Program Details

The program is online and taught by Shakti Durga as well as some of her senior disciples from time to time depending upon what ‘flavour’ the class needs. Classes will incorporate meditation, dharma teaching, students will have notes and a dashboard, will meet other people who are like minded and interested in inclusive spiritual teachings from the Ancient Wisdom of the World, brought into a modern setting so it can be applied and used with faith and confidence in our lives today.

There will be notes and a plan for the class. However mystery school programs always move with the energy and consciousness of the people participating and therefore we may go on various journeys into areas where we will achieve optimal growth and awareness.

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Class Dates

Class is Sydney time 8am – 11.30 am Saturday mornings.

Dates are from 2 September and culminating in an initiation on our annual Shanti Mission Day on 28 October, a time of tremendous downpouring of Divine energy and a quickening for the disciples of Shakti Durga world wide.

Australian Morning Times (Sydney)

Class 1: 8-11.30am,  Sat 02 Sep ’23
Class 2: 8-11.30am,  Sat 09 Sep ’23
Class 3: 8-11.30am,  Sat 16 Sep ’23
Class 4: 8-11.30am,  Sat 23 Sep ’23
Class 5: 8-11.30am,  Sat 30 Sep ’23
Class 6: 8-11.30am,  Sat 07 Oct ’23
Class 7: 8-11.30am,  Sat 14 Oct ’23
Class 8: 8-11.30am,  Sat 21 Oct ’23
Class 9: 8-12noon,  Sat 28 Oct ’23
Class 10: 8-11.30am,  Tue 31 Oct ’23

US Session Times (New York)

Class 1: 6-9.30pm,  Fri 01 Sep ’23
Class 2: 6-9.30pm,  Fri 08 Sep ’23
Class 3: 6-9.30pm,  Fri 15 Sep ’23
Class 4: 6-9.30pm,  Fri 22 Sep ’23
Class 5: 6-9.30pm,  Fri 29 Sep ’23
Class 6: 5-8.30pm,  Fri 06 Oct ’23
Class 7: 5-8.30pm,  Fri 13 Oct ’23
Class 8: 5-8.30pm,  Fri 20 Oct ’23
Class 9: 5-9pm,  Fri 27 Oct ’23
Class 10: 5-8.30pm,  Mon 30 Oct ’23

UK Session Times (London)
Class 1: 11pm-2.30am,  Fri 01 Sep ’23
Class 2: 11pm-2.30am,  Fri 08 Sep ’23
Class 3: 11pm-2.30am,  Fri 15 Sep ’23
Class 4: 11pm-2.30am,  Fri 22 Sep ’23
Class 5: 11pm-2.30am,  Fri 29 Sep ’23
Class 6: 10pm-1.30am,  Fri 06 Oct ’23
Class 7: 10pm-1.30am,  Fri 13 Oct ’23
Class 8: 10pm-1.30am,  Fri 20 Oct ’23
Class 9: 10pm-2am,  Fri 27 Oct ’23
Class 10: 9pm-12.30am,  Mon 30 Oct ’23

28 October – program commencing at 8am and all are welcome in person in Cooranbong, or online from 8am to 12noon, program may proceed all day and members of the class are welcome to stay online or in person. This will be part of a three day program at the Cooranbong Harmony Centre.

Concluding program-
Tuesday 31 October morning 8am to 11.30 am, what’s next


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Mystery School
The Initiates Path
  • 10 x live, 3.5-hour classes on Zoom with Shakti Durga or Senior Disciple
  • Access to all class recordings for catch up and replay
  • 10 plus downloadable meditations for your use and practice during the course and beyond
Concession – $503

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Cooranbong NSW 2265, Australia

+61 2 4977 3300