The Water and the Trees

On with the story… the knights of the round table heard about this terrible tale of the rape of the maidens of the wells, and decided to avenge them. They set off in search of the bandits, determined to exterminate them and all their kin. En route they came across a band of wandering peoples, who told them that they were the descendants of the very same evil king and grail maidens. The knights conferred, and decided that they could not exterminate them, because to do so would be to exterminate the children of the sacred grail maidens. They realized that one had to work with the admixed nature of the group and lead them from confusion and feeling lost, wandering the Earth forever, and to help them on their search. This they did. I feel we need a weekend to unpack the esoteric meaning of this story and apply it in our lives, yippie!

Water continued to be a theme when we came to Alet Les Bains. It so happens that it is situated on one of the biggest reserves of underground water in Europe. Mineral water has been bottled here for hundreds of years.

The old abbey was once a temple to Diana, and there is a bronze statue of Diana in the town square. The energy of the Divine mother as Diana, Isis, Demeter, Sybille and more is pouring up and through us, and much more will be shared with you in the future about our exquisite adventures.

Blessings, Shakti Durga

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