Certificate of

Physical Body Healing & Colour Therapy 1

Create miracles of healing by stimulating the spirit and soul to infuse the body with all that it requires to heal.

Supporting the journey of wellbeing for our clients is an amazing privilege. Although Western medicine provides incredible diagnostic and acute care, for most people the combination of Western allopathic and energy medicine will bring forth the richest healing journey.  The best outcomes and an inner transformation that sets one free to create new patterns of awareness and health for the future.

Open your awareness to various healing frequencies including colour prana, and the energy of herbs, oils and medications that, in emergencies, can be given as specific energetic remedies to assist the physical body to heal.

Starts TBC (Sydney time)

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 Details:  Online Certificate

Duration: 10 weeks

Start Date: TBC

Sessions: 10 x 3 hr sessions

Teacher:  Ganesha Ma & Sada 

Prerequisites:  Completion of Energy Healing Foundation.

Class Times: Tue 6pm and Thu 9am (Sydney)

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In 10 weeks you will…

The first sessions will be immersive in your understanding of how physical bodies manifest through various dimensions, all of which respond to different kinds of energy. You will experience the differences in these frequencies, then learn how to apply them to specific ailments and body systems in subsequent weeks.



We’ll get to know some basic anatomy and physiology, including the cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, respiratory, nervous and digestive systems.


Where the major and minor chakras and core meridians fit with the physical body, and how to cleanse them to effect deep healing and wellbeing.


Learn specific techniques to minimise or eliminate physical pain for you and your clients, and the ‘dose’ or frequency of treatment required to maintain progress


Learn how to use energy healing to support the optimal health of the body systems studied, understanding the nexus between the physical dimension of energy healing outcomes and the fruit of the V diagram for deeper healing.


Experience not just one but many rays of healing light all of which have different effects upon the body mind and spirit. Learn to use them with precision to effect sometimes miraculous healing outcomes
Here are just some of the standout favourites from this unit:
  1. Have an extensive repertoire of methods to assist those with chronic or acute health conditions
  2. Have detailed awareness of the uses of many colour frequencies of energy to assist with healing
  3. Be able to assist clients with pain relief quickly and safely
  4. Be empowered to assist those who suffer acute health issues
  5. Be empowered in emergencies to give energetic first aid
  6. Help those who are going through allopathic medical treatments including surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy
  7. Be empowered to help your own loved ones with physical and medical challenges
  8. Instead of saying “I wish there was something I could do” you will know “There is plenty I can do…”


And much more…

By the end of this 10 week Core Unit

You will be able to apply your learning to effect a wide range of physical healing outcomes. You will be able to work in with other health professionals to ensure that your client has the best result possible in the resolution of their particular health event. You will also have a comprehensive set of resources from which you can refresh your mind should you be in doubt as to how to specifically use energy for physical body healing.

Support the body in healing

Immerse yourself in the world of physical body healing and colour prana. Open your awareness to various healing frequencies including colour prana, and the energy of herbs, oils and medications that, in emergencies, can be given as specific energetic remedies to assist the physical body to heal. 

Explore the Curriculum:
Lesson Plan
Class 1
Introduction to the certificate and general scheme of physical body healing.
Class 2
Exploring the throat chakra and colour prana, see how you can help your client to reduce their experience of pain.
Class 3
Base chakra and colour prana for rapid results in healing.
Class 4
Crown chakra and colour prana to optimise efficiency in healing and to dive deep into causal factors of ill health and help to resolve them.
Class 5
Introduction to cells and DNA, tissues and organs, healing the skin.
Class 6
Energetic first aid, accidents, cuts, burns, shock, bites, stings and fevers.
Class 7
Stress and its pervasive effect on human health.
Class 8
Skeletal system
Class 9
Nervous system, advanced pain relief, vagus nerve, regrowing cut nerves


Class 10
Respiratory system
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Class Times:

Online classes for the Certificate of Physical Body Healing and Colour Therapy 1 will be held every Tuesday from 6pm & Thursday 9am (Sydney) for 3 hours for 10 weeks. To suit various time zones around the world.

All classes are recorded so if you miss a class, you can re-watch at your leisure.  More details will be sent to students upon sign up.

Start Date:  TBC

Class Times: Tuesday 6pm or Thursday 9am (Sydney) or (Click day for your timezone)




One off payment of…



Pay 4 Payments

4 payments of…


(Total cost $1545)



One off payment of…




Pay 4 Payments…


(Total cost $771.47)

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To obtain a certificate, students must…

  • Pass a short multiple choice exam
  • Log 5 healing sessions for a client related to the physical body healing
  • Self healing on a health condition of your choosing, 5 sessions
  • Daily meditation practice using tools provided to embed learning and help develop one’s own connection and energy field
  • Participate in all 10 sessions (if you can’t join live, ensure catch-up via recordings) and watch the weekly training videos, essential unless you have prior learning eg. You are a registered nurse, doctor or other health professional who has completed university training in anatomy and physiology.

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