Transform Shakti Durga


Retreats are immersive experiences that help participants to access their own higher selves and immerse in the transformative energy.

Nuture Shakti Durga


All of our retreats provide contained safe space and caring support to each and every person, to nurture the wellbeing and awakening we seek.

Illuminate Shakti Durga


Break out of your usual mindset and let yourself soar into bliss.


From day trips to week-long getaways, Shakti Durga Retreats provide a truly immersive experience that will help you progress on your spiritual path.

Powerful and mystical journeys into the world of the extraordinary.

Find space from your racing mind, revitalise and heal your physical body, whilst enriching your spiritual journey.  With clearing, guidance and healing from Spiritual Leader Shakti Durga and Master Healers, our retreats  transform and empower those who are lucky enough to attend these exclusive experiences.

Retreat Coffs Harbour Shakti Durga
Retreat 2019 Raffety's Shakti Durga
Retreat 2021 Hunter Valley Shakti Durga
Retreat Hunter 2021 Shakti Durga
Retreat Hunter Valley 2 Shakti Durga
Retreat 2018 Rishikesh Shakti Durga
Retreat 2021 HV Shakti Durga
Retreat Colorado 2017 Shakti Durga

“Shakti Durga Retreats allowed me to reconnect with the truth of who I am, allowing awareness and richness to flow into my life.  My spiritual journey has been illuminated, shining light on my purpose and helping me to grow into a happier, healthier person with stronger connections to those around me.”

– Sarah Joe, Perth W.A.

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The Spiritual Path with Shakti Durga

Developed and curated by Shakti Durga, The Spiritual Path is a program for those navigating the path to self realisation, helping you to avoid spiritual pot holes so you can proceed on your path with ease, grace and flow.

The Spiritul Path Courses Shakti Durga


Meditation Category - Shakti Durga

Meditations – LISTEN

Mystery School 1200 x 900 Shakti Durga

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Satsang 3 - Shakti Durga

Satsang – LEARN MORE

Hear what they’ve got to say…

Feel the Love, Online Retreat

“Spending time with Shakti Durga is always uplifting, especially so when you can do it 7 days in a row! I never expected that even though I was doing the retreat online. I felt as though I was there in the room, that what Shakti Durga was saying would feel so personally relevant to me, or that I could so easily feel the loving energy that emanates from her words and her being. A retreat with Shakti Durga is a treasure of rich, inspiring and uplifting experiences. I thoroughly recommend you try it.”

– Helen, Sydney, NSW 

Waking Up More Love, USA Retreat

Shakti Durga has a unique gift for creating a safe and joyful space that allows a softening and relaxation of your being, so that shifts can occur. Fear falls away, creating an opening for Grace to flow. It is really quite remarkable! 

It was a remarkable time; a rich feast for the soul, and a safe and supportive space for personal and collective transformation.

Thank you to Shakti Durga and the retreat team for a beautiful week!

Cindy, Canada

Instant Oasis!

Shakti Durga is a brilliant, hilarious teacher who boils down infinite cosmic mysteries to clear, easy to grasp practical teachings. Her love, genius and hilarity are as rare as lightening in a bottle. She is God’s gift to spiritual seekers who have been lost in the desert without water or a map. Instant Oasis! 

– S Filan, Connecticut, USA

Finding the Gold Within

As with all of Shakti Durga’s retreats, this retreat was full of richness in material and depth. The teachings are transformational and easily brought into application in personal life. The amount of growth in one 4 day retreat is incredible. Shakti Durga taught with grace and beauty, her vast love and wisdom helped us to weave the light and dark of our own lives and find the gold within ourselves.

– S. North, Connecticut USA

Enlighten Your Life

“I would highly recommend these retreats to anyone who is looking to enlighten their life and expand self-awareness and realisation. I’m so grateful and blessed to have participated in this retreat.”

– T. Leduc, Okotoks, Canada





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