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On the spiritual path with Shakti Durga you will learn a variety of methods of meditation. Some are more dynamic, and focus on using the mind to work on and transform the unconscious. Others are more about entering into the stillness. Many forms of healing meditation help you to manage your body, mind and emotions.  Shamanic meditations and practices connect you to your higher soul, thus effectively activating your internal meditative and contemplative capacity. Find the daily meditation practice that is right for you and let it evolve over time.

Meditation Shakti Durga

Free Meditation: Solve the Problem

by Shakti Durga


Free Meditations

Meditation: Solve the Problem

Meditation: Solve the Problem

Make Way for Positive Change This is a short healing meditation to call your spirit back from an issue, relationship, or problem to make way for positive change. Re-create your...

Meditation: Self Healing

Meditation: Self Healing

Meditation: Self Healing Shakti Durga guides you through the practice of energetic self healing, which is a simple technique taught in 'Activate Your Consciousness'. Connect to...


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